Do you have a carry over dream?

I was chatting on the phone with a new coaching client the other day about goals for this year and they responded with an interesting story.

They do not have any goals — except the goals they didn’t achieve last year.

I call these your carry over dreams.

And these dreams often would make the most impact for how you REALLY want to live you life.

And yet … they are hard for you. They feel impossible, perhaps.

Go ahead, make the list of the dreams that you have had on your list that would change everything for you … honor them. These goals and dreams are a part of you and they matter.

Carry over dreams are the goals and ambitions that we carry with us from year to year with hopes of finally being the woman we want to be in our lives. Many of my coaching clients struggle with follow through. They struggle with making happen what they want to make happen.

This kind of sabotage is common because it’s easy to blame our busyness for why we just don’t have time to do the things we want or need to do.

We forget that our strengths as women are also what can prevent us from reaching out to get the help we need to make our dreams happen.

The truth is that the vast ocean that stands between who you are right now and who you want to be is just a series of choices you need to make.

If you are ready to start making key decisions and tackling your carry over goals, I’d love to be your Accountability Cheerleader. Our sessions will be filled with the kind of gentle fire you need to push yourself to finally start taking the action you want — and to remember to love yourself hard when you miss the mark.

Our sessions will be all about clearing the obstacles out of your path to empower you to that fabulous place in your life you want to be by now.

Let’s see your dreams to completion this year.

Maybe it’s to feel more enough or more soft. Or more joy. Or more inner peace of mind. Maybe it’s to be healthier or to start journaling. Or perhaps it’s a bigger goal like changing careers, writing a book or finding your passion and fire for life.

Whatever dream has been carrying over year after year is where we will begin. We’ll start right where you are right now.

Who knows where YOU will end up! 💖

I just know that I cannot wait to find out … xo