Stop chasing MORE and Double Down on Your Brave YES™ Advantage.

Strategy Coaching Intensives to help you build your mission-led business and energize yourself along the way.

There’s a lot of noise out there telling you what more you need to do to grow your business. What if more is not the real solution?

My Brave YES Advantage™ Framework is the secret sauce to consistent sales, less marketing hustle and more heart and impact that is perfect for mission-driven visionaries, consultants and founders.

What’s Your Brave YES Advantage™?

Let’s hop on a Zoom call and talk about the current state of your business and what you need to stand out & get more sales.

Design Your Brave YES Edge™ Coaching Intensive

Your business EDGE isn’t just what makes you different.

It’s what you and only you can do your way — and the triumphs and experiences that make that so.

And, additionally, it’s tied up in one key strategy that a business needs — what your client wants.


Map Your Magic: Design a Methodology and Framework that Sells Your Magic

This is a 3-Day Intensive that begins with a video and workbook component to help you map out your magic — the expertise and unique selling point for your mission-driven business.

Once you brainstorm and go through the workbook, we’ll come together to jazz up your ideas and frame them into a sellable package that your most aligned clients want.


Once you have a designed a stand-out business that features your Brave YES Edge™ you’re going to want to scream it from the rooftops.


This is Coaching Intensive is intended to help you turn your Brave YES Advantage™ into your greatest marketing asset by helping you determine you Power Message to communicate and build out a visibility plan that will be sustainable and impactful. This program is offered as private coaching intensives or as tiny workgroup week-long sessions.

Brave YES Advantage™ Holistic Coaching

When you have more than once piece to work on at a time and you want private, customized strategy for your unique mission-driven business, let’s work together in my Brave YES Advantage™ Strategy & Leadership Coaching Program. 

Inside this holistic coaching program, you’ll have my brain and experience on your business foundations, strategy and marketing. Additionally, we will work together to tackle any mindset, capacity or leadership issues that may be holding you back. 

Learn more here.  

"I am definitely showing up more fully myself than ever and it shows in my work and my private life."

“I started working with Shawn when I felt a lack of inspiration and creativity to pursue my dreams. I wanted to get to the bottom of what is causing it and recover my sense of purpose to pursue my work. While working with Brave Yes Coaching, I uncovered layers of limiting beliefs, identified my energy zappers and put together an action plan that is aligned with my lifestyle. I am definitely showing up more fully myself than ever and it shows in my work and my private life.”

– Aliz Merlics
Outdoor Playschool Founder

"I have thoroughly enjoyed participating in the presentations with Shawn!"

In many work and life environments, everything can feel very fast-paced and to paraphrase Shawn, it can feel as though we are more mind-full and less mindful. It was wonderful to be able to acknowledge the feeling of being busy and having a full mind, and also discussing small things we can do for ourselves on a daily basis to care for ourselves. It has been particularly helpful to have this information and discussion in the work place and with my coworkers. Shawn is also an empathetic and responsive presenter who gives practical information. She is passionate about this topic and takes care to make a safe space for sharing.”

– Casey Darling-Horan
Program Manager, Care Coordination, Family First Health

"Shawn Fink is a breath of fresh air

Having the opportunity to work with Shawn Fink through our Leadership Program here at Family First Health has been truly an amazing experience. Shawn Fink is a breath of fresh air. Her program has allowed me to focus on myself so I can be at my best!”

– Jessica Hubbell
Family Planning Coordinator/Clinical Educator, Family First Health

"Working with Shawn has helped me become more mindful

Working with Shawn has helped me become more mindful of self-care and prioritizing what is important in my day to day. I have set aside more time for myself and reflection in each moment.”

– Alicia Horstman
Human Resources Generalist, Family First Health

"Her workshops provided simple, but meaningful coaching for the self-critical "mama".

I had the privilege of attending 2 of Shawn’s wellness workshops, where I quickly learned that Shawn is an insightful and inspiring “mama” coach! Her workshops provided simple, but meaningful coaching for the self-critical “mama”. Being a full time working “mama” of 4, and step “mama” to 2 bonus children, I often feel like I’m not just a member, but more the president of the “self-critical mama” club. After participating in Shawn’s workshops and implementing some of the skills, techniques and grace, she imparted I am on my way to achieving my goal of transforming from a “self-critical mama” to a “self-compassion mama.”

– Anne Dohn
Sr. Dental Assistant Supervisor, Family First Health