Take a moment to breathe … and give some space to the woman you are becoming.

What parts of yourself are you ready to re-discover and shine a light on?

What would you love to do radically different so you can slow down and take more time for yourself?

It’s time to fall awake and start to live your life your way, without apologies.

I created a sisterhood and virtual playground where you can explore the woman you are becoming.

The Wake Up & Thrive Network is a community and program for midlife moms like you who are ready to dig deeper and figure out who you are becoming.

Each month, you will receive access to resources that infuse life design coaching and well-being strategies that inspire you to be more creative, more soulful and more in tune with your own personal pleasures.

As a Highly Sensitive midlife mom myself, I am passionate about empowering women to feel more alive.

As a result of those needs, I created this village for women who are ready to be more feminine, more soulful,  and more tuned into their own needs and desires.

The resources you receive each month will encourage you to explore the following: Your wellness. Your lost identity. Your purpose. Your dreams. Your passions. Your creative side. Your emotional soulcare. Your resilience.

It is time to start tuning into yourself and by that I mean ALL parts of YOURSELF.

If you are ready to start digging deep to learn more about what brings you alive than this community and program is for you. 

Each month, you will be offered a series of self-discovery resources based on the theme of the month to help you flourish in all the many roles of your life.

The Wake Up & Thrive Self-Coaching Program focuses on these 3 Core Components:

  1. A Monthly Dig Deeper Theme & Mantra each month that inspires your journey to thrive and flourish. (Themes like Mothering Yourself, Be You, Embrace the Messy Middle, etc.)
  2. A Printable Self-Discovery Workbook — Each workbook contains fresh inspiration, journaling prompts and action steps to help you Wake Up & Thrive each month. Print. Fill out. Repeat.
  3. Powerful self-discovery offerings via a webinars, online meet ups, members-only podcasts, workbooks and eCourses that help you dig deeper into your own personal growth and self-discovery to focus on being YOU.

Our mission is to inspire you to Wake Up & Thrive 24/7 both as the woman you are now and the woman you are becoming.

In an increasingly busy and over-stimulating world, Shawn’s Wake Up & Thrive Network is a safe, delightful haven.

Through Shawn’s monthly work, I’ve been continually challenged to dig deep within myself to live intentionally. My self compassion and resilience has grown exponentially over the course of my four years within the group. I am extremely grateful that Shawn has created and shared this thoughtful, transformational, profound work.

Carla P.

The Wake Up & Thrive Program is the best place to begin putting yourself as a priority in your own life. This is a powerful investment into your own personal wellness and growth.

The Wake Up & Thrive Network is  Inspiration to …


Step into your power and start setting boundaries.


Rediscover what brings you joy and pleasure.


Tap into your soulful, creative side through various hands-on life design and well-being activities.


Motivation to be more daring to turn bad habits into healthier ones so you can have a more positive mindset and, ultimately, more abundance in your life. And a community to celebrate with when you do!

You’ve waited long enough to put yourself first.

There is NO place online — that we know of — that offers this kind of supportive, creative life designing and soulcare inspiration for women entering the middle of their life. 

This wholistic self-discovery program is going to motivate you to show up and care for yourself while still caring deeply for those you love.

I no longer have to carry around so much in my head and on my heart.  

I can write it all out and release it by writing my thoughts and feelings on paper.  Shawn’s journal prompts are always spot on for expressing feelings and experiences into words that set my heart free.  Recently I realized that I haven’t had to go crying to my husband in despair, feeling lonely and like an utter failure in life.  I’m able to write these feelings out and work out a daily fix, rather than letting it fester within me until I have to explode in rage and despair to him. This is a huge mountain top experience for me to not feel so needy, lacking in self-worth and lonely.

Rebekah P.


Each month, I will send you two lovingly recorded members-only audio love notes that take you deeper into where you want to be in your life. Part meditations, part journaling inspiration and part life coaching, these are not podcasts. These are motivation and inspiration.

Self-Discovery Journaling Workbook

Journaling and creative soulcare is at the heart of this program. Each month includes a printable workbook filled with soulcare prompts to weave into your self-care routines or to be filled out during a quiet lunch hour at the cafe.

supportive sisterhood

You have stories inside of you that need shared. Stories that rise up each day in your life that are going unheard, unnoticed and unappreciated. Forget that. We offer you a safe space to share your heart and everything that is in it. 

Monthly Life Design Planning Sessions

A well-lived day requires a well-planned life. That is our motto in Wake Up & Thrive. Each month, we’ll walk you through a juicy, soulful life planning session that will bring what you WANT in your life to the forefront. 

even more sweet benefits

 As a member you will be the first to know about new offerings — often for free or with discounts. Wake Up & Thrive members also receive discounts on private coaching with one of our coaches.

How-To Coaching Webinars -- Always Recorded

After years of coaching women, I have so much to offer you to live your best life. Webinar topics have covered morning and evening routines, soulful home tending, how to create more space in your life and much more.

Ready to focus on the woman you are becoming? Let’s do this together. You are not alone.

It is about nurturing yourself and each other, a safe haven to celebrate and learn from mistakes, to spur each other on to great things in the routine of our lives. This program has given me the opportunity to live authentically and in this to see how to love my kids exactly as they are in each passing phase. It is about nurturing yourself and each other, a safe haven to celebrate and learn from mistakes, to spur each other on to great things in the routine of our lives. Working with the other Abundant Mamas and Shawn has opened my eyes to the possibility of every day and the power of intention. The community reminds me daily and weekly to show up, to engage and to enjoy whatever arrives in my life as well as to be accountability for what I create and invite.

2020 Wake Up & Thrive Themes


























I take care of everyone else all the time! Will this offer me some easy self-care ideas for myself?

A million times YES. Every day is self-care day in the Wake Up & Thrive Program. The truth is that the minute you decide to invest in yourself something within you shifts. It’s like stepping into your power. Each monthly theme is going to take you deeper into a new area of wholistic wellness. Self-care is not taking baths. Self-care is often how we talk to ourselves, how we show up for ourselves, how we prioritize ourselves. All of that will be offered to you in this program.

Is this an eCourse or program?

This is neither. This is a membership program, which is why it’s more affordable than private coaching or eCourses. Your payment is recurring as long as you choose to remain a member. You will receive materials to work with and use on your own at your own pace all month long. We offer you virtual events and inspiration around that mantra work. 

I feel so lonely in motherhood. Will this help me?

Oh yes! You will absolutely make friends — once you learn to put yourself out there. Friends who feel like family, in fact. If you allow it, of course. Tear down some walls and let people in and you will have no shortage of women who care about you, your story and what happens next in your future. Our members have had meetups all over the world at this point. We hold retreats (for an additional charge) that are truly life-changing. And we have daily interactions that keep you feeling connected to yourself, and to each other.

What are some of the bonus benefits of being a member?

Access to me! 🙂 But seriously. I offer you a lot of group coaching inspiration all month long — all year long. Plus! We offer our members FREE access to several super fun Abundant Mama eCourses. Additionally, we have a library filled with meditations, walking meditations, printable worksheets and eBooks. A ton of resources to help you put your focus on being a happy, healthy woman. 

I get easily overwhelmed with technology. Is this going to be a problem.

Possibly. Are you willing to learn? If so, we will hold your hands to figure it all out. Promise. There are many moving parts in #WUT and it all requires technology. For example, we use a secret and safe community as our forum to chat with each other. This is NOT on Facebook so there are no other distractions involved but it does require learning how to use our unique forum. Currently, we also give you access to our member-only website. You will also receive emails. If you can manage a few passwords, email and checking into a safe forum, you should be good to go! We go above and beyond to make sure we hold your hand to learn the ropes as a beginner. We have a community full of women online almost at all hours so you can ask questions and get answers fast.

My partner is not supportive of me doing online programs. Should I do it anyway?

A supportive partner will be thankful for a program like this that gives you the support you need and that is greatly missing in your life in order to be a happier, healthier woman. Our members report that their partners and best friends see a noticeable change in how they look and feel more happy.

And, the work we do each month will only benefit your whole family by helping you feel more cared for, more confident and more calm. Your work in the Wake Up & Thrive Program should be around setting your own boundaries around doing what YOU need to feel good and to be a more peaceful, present woman. We have had many mamas do the program with doubts from their spouses, and their partners have become immensely supportive because they see the difference in who their partners have become and they like it. 🙂

However, we would never advise you to do something that is going to hurt your marriage or relationship so make a careful decision for yourself. You know what is best for you.

How long does the Wake Up and Thrive Program last?

Currently, the Wake Up and Thrive Program is a monthly membership experience that lasts all year long that you can cancel anytime. There are no contracts to sign. You’re in charge of how long your journey will last and you are expected to cancel when you are ready to do so. We suggest that you give the program at least 3 months for yourself as it takes about that long to find your groove in the work and in the community. In fact, we hope you will stay on long enough to complete ONE personal wellness goal with us. As soon as you register, you’ll get an email asking for your goal — and we’ll see that you are tackling it instantly.

How much of a time commitment is needed?

HOW MUCH TIME DO YOU WANT TO DEVOTE TO YOU, YOUR DREAMS AND YOUR DESIRES? This is the goal I want you to set for yourself, especially if you haven’t been taking ANY time for yourself. And that is how long you should plan to take for this work each day or week. We want the work we offer to you to be your self-care time. Your soul-care time. So, as with anything, you get back what you put in. If you can devote more time, please do so. We have many members who do all of their work unplugged through the month that we never hear from and we have others that spend all of their free time sharing and posting in our forum. YOU get to figure out what works best for you. Eventually, with experience, we hope you will give yourself more than 20 minutes a day. 

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