Before you can do brave things ... you need some skills to help you bounce forward.

You want to make a bigger impact in your work -- and at home.

And you think ... "if only I had more energy, more time, more willpower."

Before you can be who you want to be, you need to care for yourself first and foremost.

My Rise Stronger 7-Day Challenge gives you 6 powerful actions to increase your resilience & well-being SO you can start to have more energy, more time and more will power. You will walk away with quick and simple strategies to help you be stronger in mind, body and spirit & ready for whatever happens this week or this year.

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    Shawn Fink

    I am the host of The Brave Yes Show & a midwife for your Brave Yes dreams and longings.

    Who am I?

    Hello. I help rising women professionals, creatives and entrepreneurs banish burnout & start shining in your work & at home so you can live a life with more meaning & impact. My Life Alignment Coaching Philosophy begins with this: ... You contain multitudes. It's time to care for your WHOLE self -- including your inner longings.

    What will you learn?

    • The SIX resilience zappers stealing your joy and energy each day.
    • My Six Upward Spiral Actions to help you Rise Stronger and increase your positive energy.
    • My "A Factor" Coaching Tool that will help you work through those resilience zappers.