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Powerful Visioning and Strategic Planning for Mission-Driven Organizations & Teams

Boring old strategic planning isn’t going to take your business or organization to its next level — nor is it going to energize your team. That’s why we start with BRAVE visioning before we move into BOLD strategy focused on your positioning in the market. And, we don’t stop there … we’ll add in a JOYFUL roll-out and a team-by-team Plan to Actualize™.

The Future is Here. Are you ready?

Setting goals for the future begins with understanding where your organization has been, where it is right now and where it is headed in the next few years — and how each and every team member will get you there. In this dynamic, refreshing Brave Visioning & Strategic Planning Process the past meets the future and aligns with the present.


If you and your team are not growing, you are choosing to stay in place and continue to go through the motions.

Change and impact begins with a vision for the future for you, your team and your clients/constituents/members. Brave Visioning is the heart and soul of your upcoming strategic plan and that’s why we center this work first and foremost in your planning process.

Brave Visioning requires a safe and brave space for ALL vested partners to be able to dream bigger than ever, speak more boldly than ever and fire up their creative juices for the greater good of the team and organization — and the future for those impacted the most.

Brave YES Visioning & Strategic Planning Process

Drive Impact by Bringing Your Whole Team Together with ONE Brave Vision (and the path to achieving it)

There is nothing more powerful than a shared vision that ignites goals that drive passion and productivity for you, your team and your community of supporters. Let’s find your Brave YES Vision for what’s next in your business or organization. 

Once you have a shared vision, it’s easy to move into discernment for creating and outlining goals that will either expand your scope of service or minimize your output and reduce burnout across the board.

My Brave YES Visioning & Strategic Planning Process is a framework that establishes a plan that places an emphasis on humanity, impact and passion for greater purpose and productivity.

What you can expect during the process:

  • A creative, dynamic experience that fosters curiosity, possibility and positivity
  • A safe and brave space established immediately to ensure everyone feels seen and heard during the process
  • A compassionate facilitator who puts humanity first
  • A gentle push out of your comfort zones and invitations to dream bigger and serve more boldly


Collaborate with stakeholders on a shared vision

Establishing a solid list of diverse voices and stakeholders who are impacted by the work you do — and the work you want to do — is essential to create the right goals for your team and your organization. We’ll brainstorm who needs to be in the room for these discussions and how to ensure a brave and safe environment for all to be seen and heard in the process.

Bring the Future into View

We’ll take some time to focus on what’s unfolded and worked — and what hasn’t — but we’ll also dive deeply into the future and what it holds for you, your team, your organization and your industry. We’ll use this exercise to establish a Brave YES Edge™ that will influence your strategic plan’s tone, energy and language for the coming year(s).

Dream, Discern and Delight

We’ll gather the dreams and many diverse ideas you and your team have and put them through an alchemical process of both creative discernment and strategic distillation that creates a shared, brave vision that is resonate for everyone on the team.

Clarify Jobs to Be Done

A strategic plan should create a clear path forward on what teams need to focus on and what jobs need to be done over the course of the plan’s timeline, whether it’s a year, three years or five to 10. We’ll use fun exercises to get to the heart of the jobs to be done.

Set Goals & Paint the Vision

Once your vision is clear and the jobs-to-be-done are established, we’ll move into final goal-setting based on outcomes you want to see, objectives to aim for and strategies to implement. We close with a creative process allowing each team to paint their vision done.

Dynamic Facilitation. Creative Strategy. Courageous Mindsets.

I founded Shawn Fink Strategies LLC to push boundaries, expand comfort zones and encourage GOOD change in my community and in the world. 

My journey into engaging facilitation and leadership retreats began simple: Wanting to help people feel more energized and inspired at work so we can change the broken systems needed for ALL beings to thrive.

I believe it’s not the job we’re doing but the culture we’re in that determines how we feel when we walk through those doors or sign in on Zoom.

That culture encourages autonomy, courage, creativity and compassion.

That’s what every single experience I offer with my facilitation services.

She was the best speaker we have had in a very long time.

I knew as soon as I saw Shawn speak at a community event that I wanted her to speak at our strategic planning session. Shawn delivered an amazing presentation on leadership and personal growth and provided our team with valuable information and tools that will help all of us.  The comments I received from our management team confirmed that she was the best speaker that we have had in a very long time.   Simply put, Shawn is awesome, and I highly recommend her Lead, Rise, Flourish Leadership Retreat. We can’t wait to have her back next year.

Sue DeStephano

President/CEO at First Capital Federal Credit Union

How to Get Started

Brave YES Visioning & Strategic Planning is a done-with-you cosulting program that we build and design together based on your needs.

Here’s how to get started.

  1. Book a Consult Call with me — We’ll discuss your needs, timeline and priorities. 
  2. I’ll put together a proposal based on our initial discussion.
  3. Once proposal is approved, I’ll invoice you the first consulting fee. 
  4. We get started calendaring and setting up all meetings.
  5. Final strategic plan will be complete by the date we agree upon so long as all steps are completed in a timely fashion.