I’m not one to curse in my writing. It’s something that I definitely steer away from intentionally. But I do love a good F-bomb. One day, many years ago, I discovered the F*CK That Meditation and it was literally the thing I needed most that I never knew I needed. 

This pep talk is inspired by that.

I like words that test my own perspective, things that allow me to be super real, to let go of stress and remember to just be real for a hot minute. And so this is a pep talk for entrepreneurs who are stressed right now. 

Chill the fuck down. 

Take three deep fucking breaths and let that shit go. 

What shit?

All of that shit?

The fact that nothing is working. Fuck that.

The fact that you are stressing how you’re going to pay the bills. Fuck that, too. 

The fact that you know you’re amazing but why the fuck won’t anyone see that and pay for your amazingness? Let that fucking shit go, too.

Because right now all that matters is that you are here, just fucking breathing.

Deep fucking breathing.

You are surviving all this bullshit and you are here to do amazing work.

So chill the fuck down. 

It’s all going to work out. 

You don’t know how just yet but it always does. 

Give yourself a fucking break.

When shit just isn’t working out, take some time off. Regroup. 

Do some deep fucking breathing and let all that fucking ball of stress go into a pillow, or set some limiting beliefs on fire.

Do what you need to do to forget this bullshit for a day or a weekend or a week.

Then return to it with fresh eyes. 

A new perspective.

And give yourself a fucking break.

But don’t you give up. 

Don’t you dare give up.

You are amazing and you fucking know it.