Saying YES! is a game changer.

Let’s find your Brave YES!

What YES! is standing in your way of making a bigger impact in your life or work?

Are you struggling with burnout?

Are you someone with a lot of ideas but no follow through?

Here’s the thing:  It’s easy to write a list of ideas that will propel you — and your creative energy forward.

Your list may have included things like …

  • Write a book.
  • Launch a new course.
  • Develop a new program or live event.

It’s hard to choose the “one” project that is going to light you up and bring you back alive .. the “one” project that is worth the leap and the time.

It’s even harder to stretch yourself out of your comfort zone and start taking up more space in your own life by saying yes to something that is more bold and transformative.

If your creative spirit needs a reset, perhaps what you need is to E X P A N D your own idea of what is possible for you by finding and working toward a Brave Yes goal.

I designed the Brave Yes Discovery Deep Dive to open your mind up to all new possibilities — and to help you rediscover what brings you alive.


What would happen if you showed up just 1% more bravely in your creative work right now?

What is the Brave Yes Discovery Deep Dive? 

The Brave Yes Discovery Deep Dive is a hybrid coaching program + eCourse designed to pull your next Brave Yes (or NO!) Goal, Project or Leap out of you. I have designed this to be a blend of DIY self-discovery work plus a private coaching experience. There are three stages to the Brave Yes Discovery Deep Dive — all of which are essential to helping you make powerful, aligned choices for yourself and your future.


In this first stage, the audio playlist and workbook will guide you through a powerful set of 25+ self-discovery prompts to get to know yourself — and your own desires right now.  This is when you will cultivate and curate big, beautiful daring ideas.  This part of the DIY program is designed to get you thinking bigger about your own creativity, passions and dreams.


Next,  the audio program will guide you through the idea discernment prompts to help you narrow things down and choose your best ideas. To do this, you’ll walk through a discernment process to narrow your list down and really hone in on the select one or two that is calling you as a Brave Yes for right now. This part of the process may come quickly or you may need to do more discernment in your clarity coaching session. No rush here. We’ll get you started on a clear path for you.


Finally, we’ll use good old fashioned mentoring and coaching to help you with the final part — idea elevation. I am an idea generator and my passion is to help you find your best idea as well and turn it into something powerful to pursue and make happen. I will help you refine or clarify your idea worth pursuing as well as help you elevate it to something worth pursuing. The goal of this coaching session is to really help you see your vision more clearly and to have a visual idea of the path ahead. If you choose the momentum session, we’ll also make sure you know what steps you need to take to make this YES happen.

What’s Included in the Discovery Deep Dive …


As part of the program you will receive access to a DIY program which includes a 12+ page workbook to print and fill out during the Discovery Deep Dive. The workbook gives you space to get messy with your ideas. You can “bravestorm” in your workbook or just use as a guide and write in your own Brave Yes journal.


As part of the program, I have provided an audio lesson to go along with each of the 25+ self-discovery and creativity prompts. These audios will give you a deeper connection to the prompts for the best outcomes and offer a unique way for you to access your intiution.


Once you have narrowed your focus, it’s time for your coaching session! Your 60-minute clarity session will offer you a chance to zoom out and respond to several clarifying questions to help you choose, refine or take action on your Brave Yes!


After your coaching session, I will offer 1 additional email coaching session to help you move forward with your Yes Project. Sometimes life happens and you need to change your plans. This email — or Voxer — coaching session will ensure you won’t face your first obstacle alone.

The Brave Yes Discovery Deep Dive will inspire YOU to discover . . .   

  1. New Possibilities for YOU — We often get stuck in single-minded thinking but the best way to really open yourself up to new ideas is to allow new ideas — perhaps some you would have never dreamed of — to flow and multiply. 
  2. More about YOU. Every prompt in this program is going to be about helping you get to the heart of the matter. This is not going to be about shoulds. This is going to be about your juiciest passions, wants, desires, dreams and inner longings. 
  3. Your SHINING YES! I will guide you to learn how to tap into your own abundant possibility so you can feel empowered to go wild with your own potential to shine and give you ideas that will help you thrive and flourish — and to choose only what feels like a YES.
  4. Your Life’s Vision. At the heart of each prompt, your life vision will become more clear and more apparent. If it is not, your clarity coaching session will help you make those connections. This program is all about getting to YOUR heart and soul’s alignment. 
  5. Your Impact Project. All the ideas generated will be delicious and wonderful but the real gold in this hybrid program is the process and system you’ll learn to choose the YES Project that will be perfect for you right now. 

About Me:


I’m Shawn Fink (she/her) — a coach & host of The Brave Yes Show. I am a creative soul and been writing and creating online for 15 years. Over the years, I have coached thousands of women around the world to live a more fulfilled, resilient life. I’ve also written books, created programs, led retreats, given keynotes and corporate trainings and much more.

Right now my passion is to help you find your Brave Yes creative work and make it happen because the world needs your brilliance and ideas.

I believe that every creative entrepreneur and creator must live and work in a way that allows for true soul alignment — where your values, strengths and passions all collide as one. This is the trifecta of work that resonates.

If you want to find your creative energy and your capacity to uplevel and do what you know you are capable of in your life — I am here to help you get started on your Brave Yes Journey.

Find more joy in the day-to-day

“The Brave Yes Discovery Deep Dive helped me step out of the rut I was in. The program called me to think about what I wanted in my life. Shawn helped me in our coaching session identify the steps I could take to find more joy in my day-to-day life. I would recommend this course to everyone no matter how big or small the goals are that they want to achieve.”

— Dwan Peterson

I was really surprised by the outcome.

“I took Shawn’s Brave Yes Discovery course and was really surprised by the outcome. I knew I had a Brave Yes that was waiting in the wings, but I had no idea it would be my book idea which I had shelved months ago. Taking her course made me realize that the time is here now and she helped me let go of what I thought my writing had to look like to create a structure that felt much lighter. I am excited to say I am actually 10 days into a book writing challenge and it is happening.”

— Carla Reeves

A Great Morning Practice!

“I really loved waking up each morning and working on the prompts. They are a great way to start my day.”

— Amberly Barry McGee

The Brave Yes Discovery Deep Dive is for you if …

You want to stand out and do something bigger but aren’t sure what or how to begin.

You want more joy in your life and need inspiration to find it.

You are tired of being tired and ready to get unstuck either in your work or in your creative life.

You have a desire to do something more but you’re not sure what and you are tired of trying to figure it out

You feel lost and unmotivated for your life and you want something more but you aren’t sure what.

You are tired of playing small and want to take more bold risks.

You want to take a stand and be a leader but you're not sure how to begin.

You have a sense that there is something more for you but you need help figuring it out.


The Brave Yes Discovery Deep Dive includes:

  • WORKBOOK: Your Brave Yes Discovery Deep Dive workbook to fill out with 30 prompts to access bolder living ideas. 
  • AUDIO LESSONS: You will receive an audio lesson for each section of the prompts so you are clear and being inspired along the way.
  • CLARITY SESSION: Conversations are essential! You’ll receive one coaching session with me to help you choose, refine or gain clarity on your idea.
  • RECORDING: You will receive a recording of our coaching session.
  • FUTURE SUPPORT: Because life happens, you will also receive 1 Email Coaching session to use within 30 days after your private coaching session.
  • COURSE UPDATES: You will also receive lifetime access to the Discovery Deep Dive eCourse — including all changes that may be made in the future. *Lifetime means as long as it’s available



🦚 Over 25 prompts to reflect on to find your Brave Yes.

🦚 Audio-lessons to guide you through a 12-page fillable workbook.

🦚 60-Minute Private Coaching Session with Shawn

🦚 Walk away with a 30-Day Practice to try on your own

🦚  Obstacle Clearing BONUS (email or voxer) coaching 2-4 weeks after clarity session.