Your couch just called.

it's time for an energy boost


You want to LIVE more.

You want to GIVE more.

You want to SHINE more.

And yet … you are utterly exhausted by dinner and sometimes you think it would be easier to burn your to-do list, runaway and hide for a good long time.

But that’s not what you want to do.

You want to make a bigger impact in your life.

You want to experience more joy and adventure.

You want to get things done with ease.

But … as your day goes on you become more and more overwhelmed and ready to check out, ready to numb out. 

Before you know it, the day is over and you didn’t take the time to experience anything you wanted or what you know you need to do to feel good —  let alone make real change in your life.

As a result, you may find yourself … 

  • Waking up with good intentions but zapped and exhausted by bedtime and unable to do anything nourishing or uplifting for yourself.
  • Quickly wiped out by any negative interactions with your family or co-workers.
  • Binging on food, wine or Netflix and then falling asleep too late and messing with your sleep patterns and your physical energy.
  • Waking up tired before the day even begins and dreading what’s ahead.
  • Shaming and blaming yourself for not being more productive or energetic for those you love.

If any of these ring true for you, you know something has to change. You know you need a new way to get through your days. If this sounds a little — or a lot — like you then you will find relief by joining in my Energy Boost Coaching Circle.

Why an Energy Boost!?

I first realized I was an empath and a highly sensitive woman about a decade ago. Over the years, I have learned that managing my energy is the key to a more vibrant, happy and productive life.

As a highly creative woman, mom and life coach, managing my energy is essential. I want to show up for my clients — and my daughters — as a beacon of light and positive energy.

I want to get things done AND live fully with joy each day.

We all know that life right now is overwhelming and exhausting — and much of it is out of our control. Our loads are heavy. Our minds are filled with stress, worries and fears. Our bodies are weary from witnessing so much hardship.

And, yet … we know this is our one precious life and we want to LIVE it to the fullest before it’s too late.

Introducing The Energy Boost — my small group coaching circle to help change your energy story once and for all.

This 8-week group program will give you the tools to create a new energy story for yourself so you can have the stamina and interest in living your best life. 

What You Can Expect from the Energy Boost Coaching Program

Boost Your Positive Energy & Release Negative Energy

You will work through negative energy blocks that are getting you stuck in your life and learn how those blocks are affecting you so you can turn them into well-being actions that lead to thriving positive energy.

Learn Powerful Tools to Fill Your Vitality Bucket

You will create a new set of well-being practices to help fill up your vitality bucket so that you have more energy for the life you want to live and more tools to create energy when you need it the most in your life. 

Establish and Implement Rest & Renewal Strategies

You will finally learn how to truly manage your energy and emotionally sensitive side, including knowing when and exactly how to rest and recover quickly and effectively from stress and exhaustion.

Im ready to get started

The Important Stuff

This is a group coaching experience for a group of women devoted to implementing energy management practices and committed to making the changes offered in the program. Weekly sessions are on Tuesdays at 4 p.m. EST. Your investment for this 2-month coaching experience is $500.


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About me

Hello! I am Shawn Fink, a Life Design Coach who helps women dig out from the rubble of unworthiness, shoulds and expectations to discover their authentic selves and ideal life path. I am the founder of the popular website and community The Abundant Mama Project, a speaker and a writer. I am also the mom of twin teenagers, Jadyn and Liana, and the family chef and housecleaner. In my spare time — ha ha ha — I may be found journaling, tending to my indoor plants, taking hikes or drinking coffee. 

Who This Coaching Immersion Is For …

  • The highly empathetic or highly sensitive woman who is done with letting anger and fear take over her emotions.
  • The woman who is tired to the bone and ready to have a more balanced energy system rather than being prone to big ups and downs.
  • The woman who is ready to transform into a more positive light for her family or workplace.
  • The serious woman who wants more energy to play, create and go on adventures.
  • The woman who wants to wake up with more energy and strike the day hot — and to have enough energy at night to tend to herself.
  • The woman who wants to live out her big dreams and make a big change in her life but who is just too exhausted. 
  • The woman who wants to keep up with her home life and work life without feeling totally zapped of her energy all of the time.

Read What real women Love About my coaching

I know how to deal with my energy and balance it better 

“Before energy boost I was feeling like I had no control of my energy snd how to balance it. Now I feel like I can recognize a zapper or a low energy moment and take control. I can reflect on what is zapping my energy and how to rest and revive my energy. I feel like I know how to deal with my energy and balance it better than before. I also feel like I am more aware of my energy and what I can do to maintain energy and protect my energy.”

— Kelly, working mom in PA

I feel empowered! 

 I signed up for this because I knew my energy was at a very low point.  I had gained back several pounds an was feeling very lethargic.  My joint pain was flaring, my back was flaring and I was just feeling sorry for myself. Working through each of the weekly exercises has been equal parts discovery and inspiration.  Finding new ways to dig deeper on what really works rather than sinking into the distraction pit.”

Angela, working mom


How The Program Is Presented

Module 1 | Getting to Know Your Energy System and Story

Module 2 | Removing Negative Energy Landmines (2 Sessions)

Module 3 | Learn to Protect Your Energy

Module 4 | The Building Blocks of Boosting Your Positive Energy (2 Sessions)

Module 5 | Creating and Establish a Rest & Renewal Practice

Module 6 | Learn to be Your Own Chief Energy Officer (CEO)

A final note  … 


I know you have big dreams for yourself and your family.

I know you want to live out your joyful life path. 

And I also know how done you are with feeling zapped by life every single day. 

It’s time to make real, transformational changes. 

Are you ready?

Register now for The Energy Boost. We begin on Jan. 26.

Your Burning Questions … 


This is a small group coaching program that will be held weekly on Zoom. Call times each week will be Tuesdays at 4 p.m. EST. Each week, you will receive a Monday Check-In Email in your inbox featuring the weekly energy focus and worksheets to use before, during and after our session together. No homework will be given other than to experiment with the energy management tools you are offered.


This program includes 8 weeks of group coaching in a private, supportive setting just for women. During each session you can expect to receive tools and space to make lasting changes to your energy levels. This coaching circle is your support system to work through the energy landmines in your life that are keeping you feeling weighed down by negative energy and low energy.  


No, this is it. 


This small group will meet weekly for 60 minutes for 8 weeks. Other than implementing the coaching work in your everyday routines, there is no other work to do. By the end of Week 8 you should have cleared negative energy and made space for positive energy.


Imagine yourself with more positive energy, more vibrant energy to live your best life. Ask yourself, how would you benefit from that change in your life? How would your children benefit? Your partner? Your co-workers or clients? Listen for your answers here and ask yourself if the investment will be worth it to YOU.

Joy is waiting. It’s time to change your story.

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