let's go, 2023!

Download the Guiding Word-of-the-Year Workbook now.

A word is just a word -- until you truly work with it and see its full potential. That's what this workbook does. It helps you unleash all the potential of your word-of-the-year.

This workbook is a gift of gratitude for those who have supported my work this year. Thank you. Choose your word -- or let it choose you -- and then get started on this workbook to take it deeper.

"Handle them carefully, for words have more power than atom bombs."
-Pearl Strachan Hurd

I never understood the word-of-the-year practice until I started choosing words that changed me.

Like everything, I needed to take my chosen words more deeply. I need to go under the surface and dig in.

That's what I hope you will do with this workbook -- take your word and work with it to see its true impact so that you have a powerful year of inner or outer change.

-- Shawn, Business Design Strategist & Courage Coach for Entrepreneurs

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