stop and breathe, mama.

Peaceful Family

Power Pack

A survival toolbox filled with practical and family wellness strategies to help you focus on creating a peaceful, calm and loving family.

we take inner peace seriously. You should, too.

Being strong and calm is a superpower in motherhood. When you can spend more time on building up your positive energy, you will have more love to give, more energy to do and more passion to share with others. 

Peaceful Mama Quest

This is an eCourse holds many secrets to how you can you manage your energy and your temper during the hardest of hard moments of motherhood.

The Art of a Peaceful Family Program

This deeper dive program is all about your entire family wellness. Each lesson is for you and your partner to do together to focus on the building a more positive family life.

6 Ways to a Peaceful Home

This eBook is filled with practical and simple family wellness practices to help you create the kind of home you want and desire.

Your Guide to Peaceful Mornings

Getting out the door in the morning for work or school can be a challenge. This eBook walks you through a series of family wellness strategies to get everyone feeling positive and excited for the day ahead. Even the sleepyheads.

Peaceful Mama Mantra Printable

In our hardest moments, it’s nice to have a phrase of support to carry us through. That’s where mantras are super handy for the mom in the trenches. These are great to use anywhere, anytime. 

Peaceful Mama Audio Meditation

For the day when it all feels like it’s crashing down and you are crying in the bathroom and wondering how you are going to get through. This was made for you. This is going to carry you forward.

be the calm you want to see in your life.

Your child needs you to be the calm they cannot find. Your family needs you to be strong when they cannot be. This is a lot to carry on top of all your other responsibilities. This power pack is all about making it easier and more accessible for you to be the calm you need in your life to be the woman you want to be in this world.

“We get one chance to do this motherhood journey the way we want to do it. Let us not keep making the same mistakes over and over. Let us teach our children the peaceful ways of living.”

— Shawn Fink

all about me

I am Shawn. A Life and Family Wellness Coach and founder of The Abundant Mama Project. And I love to help families thrive and flourish. I am a mother of twin teenage girls and I find calm in nature and near water. But when I cannot be in nature or near water, I know how to tap into my own inner source of calm and that’s what this power pack is teaching you.