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You know you want to play bigger. You want to live a more fulfilling, more courageous life. But you are not sure what your next move is going to be. You are tired of following others. You are tired of doing what you SHOULD do. Now it’s time to dig deep and truly uncover what is going to bring you more alive. This Deep Dive Discovery program includes a workbook and audio lessons as well as one (1) 60-minute clarity coaching session with Shawn Fink to help you refine and get clear on what your exact Brave Yes is going to be and some action steps to take to move forward.



It can be hard to figure out what you really want — or need in your life.

This experience is part do-it-yourself course and part coaching session.

Often, you need time and space to think to get the ideas flowing but then you need someone you can really trust as a sounding board of your ideas and dreams. This experience offers you both.

How the Brave Yes Deep Dive Discovery Program Works:

After you register, you will immediately receive directions on how to access your course so you can get started today. You will also receive a link to my calendar to schedule your clarity coaching session about 2-4 weeks from today. This motivates you to doing the work in the Deep Dive Discovery as you will know we will be speaking.

You will want to download and print — or upload onto your computer to type into the forms — your 13-page workbook. You may want to have a journal or additional spaces to write in if the workbook doesn’t provide enough. Sometimes a workbook is too rigid for the creative types. Go with what works for you.

After you have the workbook all set, find yourself a cozy, quiet space without interruptions and start listening to the audio missives — and fill out your workbook. You will need anywhere from an hour to 3 hours to do this work in this workbook. Feel free to chunk it out into 30 minute increments or just do one page at a time.

Once you have your Brave Yes shortlist — which will be possible by the end — we should be close to having your 60-minute clarity coaching session. During your session, I will help you get clear on what you really want, what that will look like and feel like and what the first action steps need to be for greater success.

And then you start on your journey!

Your Brave Yes Deep Dive Discovery experience includes the following:

The Brave Yes Deep Dive Discovery Workbook –– a 13-page workbook filled with journaling — or thinking — prompts to help you dreamstorm some ideas and refine them.

Brave Yes Audio Missives — For most of the prompts in your workbook — and there are 30 of them! — there is a short audio component to listen to before you journal so you can connect with the work and really feel the energy of each prompt. Most of these audio missives are in the 3-5 minute range with a few exceptions that are closer to 11-15 minutes.

Coaching Session — The DIY nature of this program means that you will have a lot of ideas and likely need someone to discuss for celebration, support and clarity. Depending on the package you chose, you will have the opportunity to schedule a 60-90-minute session with Shawn Fink to help you gain true clarity and to have some ideas on what your first action steps need to be to get started. This coaching session is good for 45 days after purchase so schedule your session soon. The goal here is to encourage you to fill out your workbook ASAP so our session can happen soon. DIY courses are often forgotten about and that’s not what we want for you here.

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Additional information

Simple Clarity Session

Includes course, one 60-minute clarity session and a simple action plan.

Power Session

Includes course, 90 minute clarity session, a 3-month action plan and an obstacle-clearing session for 30 minutes.