Empower Your Team with Self-Care and Self-Leadership Strategies for Greater Resiliency.

A science-based program to cultivate positivity & well-being.

The Research is clear. Stress and Burnout are leading causes of illnesses and life unhappiness.

My Rise STRONG Method infuses positive psychology, mindfulness and life design tools and strategies to reduce stress and increase well-being so you can thrive in courage and confidence.


Strengths-Empowered Leadership and Living

Using self-awareness and self-discovery, the first foundation of the program is to know your strengths and live by your values — and know how to put them all into intentional action.


Thriving Strong in Positivity

With a few tweaks to your day, you can learn how to foster more feelings of positivity and happiness. This second foundation gives you the tools to thrive in your overall well-being.


Reach Out and Reach Up

In order to be our strongest, best selves we need to build a system of positive, loving connections in our lives. Learn how to foster positive relationships as a secret to your resiliency. 


Open to Possibilities

The fourth foundation of The Rising Resilient Leader Program is Open-Minded Thinking. Learn various tools to use to expand on your perspective and grow your own possibilities.


Nourish Your Whole Self

This fifth foundation is all about your holistic wellness and well-being. We’ll focus on the importance of wholistic self-care and you will learn about how to create an ideal day to make space for it all.


Grow Forward with Growth Mindset

Learn how to move from a fixed mindset to a growth mindset to set goals and intentions and to feel more successful in your life. This foundation offers tools to expand on building growth mindset.

My Rise Stronger Program can be offered virtually, in person and through private coaching. 

About Shawn Fink

I am a motivational speaker & life coach trained in positive psychology, mindfulness and Brené Brown’s Dare to Lead. I motivate quiet leaders to be more brave, creative and confident.

“Shawn’s retreat at Pineapple Manor was such a breath of fresh air on a cold winter day. She brought inspiration, hope and connection in a single two-hour session.”

Keely Childers Heany

Owner, Pineapple Manor 

A stronger tomorrow begins today.