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Brené Brown Dare to Lead ™ and positive psychology trained life dESIGN coach & motivational speaker

let’s light up your team with positive energy!

I offer virtual and in person transformational leadership and work-life wellness strategy workshops, keynote speeches and group retreats for any size company and organization around the world. I am now booking a limited number of virtual retainer clients for 2021. Book a consultation to discuss your company’s well-being goals. 

6 Self-Care Strategies for Greater Resilience

Well-Being + Connections = Resilience. Give your team the tools for being stronger in mind, body and spirit. This workshop brings self-care and resilience together into one presentation of well-being practices that are sustainable and practical. Just ask about the Rise Stronger program.

Burned Out to Lit Up

A interactive workshop to boost your team’s energy by working with the stress that caregivers are under, what compassion fatigue and burnout are and how to recognize them and how to correct course with mindfulness and well-being practices to renew energy.

Uplevel Your Day

During this workshop, I’ll help your team design their ideal days that includes creating mindful morning and evening routines. Your team will set personal wellness and positive habit goals and be given tools to use to make those habits stick around.


The Joy Factor: Raise your team's positive energy

This workshop is rooted in the science of well-being and will address low morale issues in a non-confrontational way. It will take your team into a deep dive into several positive energy and well-being practices to use at home and at work, especially during challenging situations. This workshop is a game-changer for any organization.


Become your own CEO -- Chief Energy Officer

This workshop addresses common energy zappers as well as guides participants to creating energy boosting  practices to help your set boundaries in order to sustain a positive workplace. This workshop is rooted in mindfulness and well-being practices.

How to Rest & Recover for Greater Well-Being and Productivity

Learn how Rest and Recovery are essential to greater well-being and productivity. Discover what you need a rest from. Learn the Art of Pausing and the 6 Forms of Rest to Add In to Your Life. And, finally, Create Your Personal Rest Rules

Empower Your Superpowers

We all have an amazing set of strengths inside of us to use in any challenging moment. This workshop leads your team through a series of fun, engaging exercises to learn how to discover and work with your strengths.

Brave Leader 360

Using the foundations of Brené Brown’s Dare to Lead™ methodology, this workshop engages your team into the Dare to Lead mindset and practices like shame, vulnerability and values. You’ll walk away closer than ever and ready to be brave leaders at work and at home.

The Strong Family Approach

This is a full-day training for any organization that works with children and families. This all-day training gives numerous tools to use with families to help them thrive. Designed for therapists, teachers, administrators, counselors and case workers, The Resilient Family Training is rooted in resiliency, positive psychology and mindfulness.

The second you start caring about your team’s well-being is the second they will care about yours.

wellness is an inside job. 



In 2004, after a decade as an award-winning journalist, I stepped out onto a path to help teen moms thrive. My role was to match teen moms with mentors and lead programming that inspired these young women to graduate high school and lead positive lives. 

Eventually, after I became a mother of twins myself, I launched a freelance writing career focused on wellness, parenting and mindfulness. 

That was when I started blogging and leading online courses and workshops focused on life design and life balance. 

In 2013, I founded The Abundant Mama Project, a membership community and program. In 2020, I rebranded to Shawn Fink Soul Alignment Coaching. 

I am certified and trained in mindfulness, positive psychology and Brené Brown’s Dare to Lead™. 

Currently, I work with women in private coaching or leading work-life balance and wellbeing trainings and retreats for organizations. 

Increase Positivity & Moral

My work is rooted in mindfulness, positive psychology and life design and wellness coaching. Boosting positivity so that your employees and teams thrive and flourish is at the heart of every workshop and retreat I lead.

Manage Stress & Uncertainty

At the heart of my work-life wellness workshops and keynote speeches is this fact: We are all juggling a lot and stress is a given. How we handle that stress is what matters. Through goal setting, mindfulness practices and time management instruction, your team will be more fired up to get to work and handle the hard things and mistakes.

Boost Your Bottom Line

The science is clear. When a person’s well-being is thriving and flourishing they are going to be happier and more productive at home and at work. All of my programs are rooted in the science of well-being based on the theories of positive psychology. Not only will your team feel better after implementing what they learn, they will be more happy and more engaged in your outcomes.

Turn your workplace into a strong, calm and healthy environment where every team member thrives and flourishes at work and at home.

Testimonials & Featured Clients

"Having the opportunity to work with Shawn Fink through our Leadership Program here at Family First Health has been truly an amazing experience. Shawn Fink is a breath of fresh air. Her program has allowed me to focus on myself so I can be at my best!”

Jessica Hubbell, Family Planning Coordinator/Clinical Educator at Family First Health