I cannot wait for you to begin your Soul Alignment Wellness Inventory!

But first grab your Thriving Life Goal-Setting Roadmap below!


Your Soul Alignment Coaching Wellness Inventory Toolkit is on its way to you. As you go through this unique well-being assessment, you are going to uncover some rather surprising and important truths about your own wellness.

You’re going to finally know a little more about yourself and why you may not feel as amazing as you think you could or should.

You’re going to learn what areas of your own personal well-being needs a boost so that you can truly shine and thrive in your whole life.

What are you going to do with that information? How are you going to use this information to step up and BE YOU, FINALLY?

As a life coach for women ready to dig out from the rubble of motherhood and burnout, I know just the right questions to ask you to get to the heart of what’s true. That’s why I want to personally walk you through my personal process of goal setting.

My Thriving Life Goal Setting Roadmap was created to help you find clarity — effortlessly! You can download this tutorial and workbook, print and get started with it as soon as you are ready! 


Pursuing meaningful, life-giving goals has been shown to bring a greater sense of happiness in our lives and I have relished in this my whole life setting one goal after another.

But I know that choosing goals can feel hard and choosing meaningful goals can feel even harder.

I also know that sticking to new habits that we need to stick to in order to make big dreams happen is incredibly hard. Sticking to new habits is one of the biggest keys to my own personal success and I want to help YOU make the same positive choices for yourself.

I want to make thriving EFFORTLESS for you. That’s why I will personally walk you through this done-for-you workbook to help you find clarity and set goals more quickly.

My Thriving Life Goal Setting Roadmap includes everything you need to get clear, get motivated and get started on building your own personal wellness plan.

My Thriving Life Goal Setting Roadmap includes the following:

  • THE WORKBOOK — As part of this offering, you’ll receive an 11-page Workbook to download, print and fill out to refine the goals you want to set for greater well-being. This workbook includes space for journaling and to put your action steps as well.
  • THE MOTIVATION — I will personally walk you through my own wellness goal-setting process in this video tutorial that I’ve recorded to help you fill out your workbook so you can choose the most meaningful wellness goal and action steps for you right now. I will talk more about the 8 Areas of Wellness that you will be setting your goals around.
  • BONUS: You’ll also receive access to a super special audio workshop I’ve recorded to help you start a new habit and stick to it. This is my SECRET SAUCE to greater wellness and a necessary tool to learn.


As a welcome gift to my community, I’d like to offer this to you for just a $29 investment. After your purchase you will have all the tools you need to get started making your wellness the priority it should be in your busy life.