Wild Soulcare Collective Sessions

Join me for the next Wild Soulcare Collective! We’ll gather together for 4 Tuesday Night sessions starting March 24 at 6:30 p.m.


This spring, please join me in a supportive circle for the purpose of uplifting and empowering women to lean into their most authentic, happy place possible.

This 4-session journey to wake up your heart and soul meets IN PERSON in York, PA on Tuesday nights.

Additionally, those who sign up will also receive a special invitation to also join me for a Wild Soulcare Nature Retreat in early May.

Limited Spaces Available

Wild Soulcare Sessions are designed to take you on a journey back to yourself, helping live a more deep and meaningful life.

Through sisterhood, journaling, and other soulcare practices and conversations we will release what no longer serves us and make space for what we long for in our lives. 

My deepest hope for this session is to form a bond of connection that allows for honest, open and real conversations that open your heart to what is possible for YOU and to empower you to follow through on what brings you the most joy.

The Wild Soulcare Collective Curriculum:

(subject to change depending on the needs of the group)

Week 1: Intention & Beginning

* Hello & prepare for our sacred, safe, confidential space
* Establishing waking up and sleepytime practices to awaken your soul
*Setting up a space of your own & support for the journey

Week 2: Grounding Into Presence & Deep Peace

* Establish your calm baseline through meditation
* Meditation 101 and 201
* Practicing Playful Presencing

Week 3: Begin Radical Self-Love

* Focus on building a Radical Self-Love Practice
* Participate in a ritual to begin a self-love practice that will last a lifetime.
* Cultivate clear boundaries as integral to the practice of self-love

Week 4: Tapping into Gratitude + Celebration

* Celebrate the hidden good in your life.
* Begin a lifetime gratitude practice that can turn every bad day into something worth cherishing.
* Honor your journey with appreciation and celebration
​* Ritual to close our group and move forward with grace

Through deep sharing, journaling, inspirational reading, compassionate inquiry, coaching tools, meditation, silence and creative soulcare practices, we will work on self-love, inner peace, personal growth and wellness practices.

SAFE SPACE — If you are seeking quiet inner reflection, self-discovery or to form a sisterhood with like-minded women, you will leave each session feeling filled up and ready to face your week with heart and soul and positive energy. Shy — or introverted — women will feel very comfortable in our safe, comfortable environment designed to take you on this journey to your own heart.

Sample Wild Soulcare Collective Session:

  • Welcome, settle in, brief introduction to the week’s theme and an inspirational reading or poem.
  • Lightly guided meditation/relaxation to center and ground.
  • Journal prompts/ writing from the heart
  • Group Conversations
  • Hands-on activity or coaching tools related to the session’s theme.
  • Gratitude Circle
  • We will close each session with a powerful reading or poem to support the session’s theme for the day that will inspire you for the coming week to deepen and grow your practice.

Please join this small group of women for a heart-opening experience designed to help you live a life with passion, creativity and deep meaning.

Our mission is only to open our hearts to the tiny whispers of yearnings that are radiating inside of us — and to create and hold a safe space for all those inner yearnings to be shared aloud.

Wild Soulcare Collective Session Dates (location will be in York, PA) from 6:30 to 8:30 p.m.

  • March 24 & 31
  • April 7 & 14
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