Book The flourish method for your team right now and begin to bring wellness home.  

Imagine spending an entire day focused on your team's wellness ... and your greatest goals in life ... And imagine doing all of that while infusing gratitude and mindfulness into your workplace.

Wellness is a big word these days.

But just what does it mean for your employees and their productivity?


The happier and more radiant your team feels, the more the confident they are going to work toward your mission. 

The more healthy your team is, the more productive they are going to be in scaling your message. 

In fact, their personal wellness should be your top priority — right after your own. 

Let me show your team how to SHINE with radiance with my proven FLOURISH METHOD Workshop Series.

What is the Flourish Method? 

This workplace wellness series of workshops — or private coaching package — is a life design program focused on inspiring your VIP employees to thrive and flourish in life and work. The Flourish Method infuses mindfulness, life coaching and positive psychology into a practical set of tools and actions to feel more positive, to be more productive and energized and to master the art of doing and being.

Sometimes in order to thrive, we just need someone from the outside to start to show us how we are stuck in a rut of doing, doing, doing — rather than nourishing, thriving and flourishing. 

My Flourish Method is a set of tools and actions that a team or individual begins in order to design the ideal life for you.

The beauty of The Flourish Method is that it’s not done for you — but done BY you. In other words, you or your team create the path to your own wellness. 

This series of workplace wellness workshops walks your team — or an individual — through practices around visualization, goal and intention setting, 

What’s involved in this day-long virtual coaching retreat?

First, we’ll begin with getting grounded and centered into the day and our work together with mindfulness and grounding exercises. You will begin to relax and settle into the day with some light journaling and brainstorming.

Then, we’ll dig deep together to help you unlock clarity, perspective and confidence to reach toward your greatest potential. This will include more journaling on your own, life design coaching infused with positive psychology and more mindfulness practices.

Finally, together we will develop your ideal clear path of shine-inducing actions that will help you make the transformative life or health changes you want to make right away.

My Shine method is based on these basic concepts:

  1. Shine Your Light. (of course). It’s time to get clear on how you want to shine in this world. Together we’ll discover your inner and outer glow. And we’ll tackle what’s holding you back from feeling confident and motivated.
  2. Heart-Centered Focus. We will zero-in on the intentional actions you need to have a mindset AND a heartset to do what fills you up so you can lead with the values you insist upon. 
  3. Invest in yourself. I will guide you to learn how to tap into your own abundant possibility so you can feel empowered to go wild with your own potential to shine.
  4. Nurture your path. We will create a plan that works for you and we’ll make sure you stick to what feels good for you by taking intentional action toward a positive, resilient life.
  5. Edit, Reflect & Celebrate. I will challenge you and inspire you to reflect, review and recharge in order to reach that celebration line and then we’ll throw a mini party in your honor — including a small care package that you’ll be sent in the mail for each self-led goal you reach during our work together.

About Me:


I’m Shawn Fink, founder of the The Shine Intensive Coaching Method™, a life design coaching Program based on mindfulness, positive psychology and wellness influences to help women leaders tap into their greatness so they can flourish and help their communities flourish, too.

I am the founder of The Abundant Mama Project, a movement that has transformed the lives of hundreds of women around the world since 2011.

I am passionate about helping women shine. My whole-woman Shine Coaching Method™ meets at the intersection of presence and productivity because I know you want to feel balanced and whole and I know that you struggle between doing and being.

I’ve been married to my husband Dan for 15 years and I am a mother of twin girls, now 13. I am an avid reader and awe enthusiast. I adore coffee, fresh crisp journals and rising early in the morning to practice deep soulcare.

“I have decided to ditch my counselor as I’ve made more progress in coaching work with you in one session than I have in an entire year of counseling.”

– Christy S.

“Your words continue to touch me and grow me and change me. You’ve just unlocked so much Magic and Abundance in my life, if I ever meet you in person I will just fall At your feet. Honestly, thank you for being such a gentle easy going beautiful vehicle of change and healing and transformation for me, and so many.”

– Colleen C.

“Dear Shawn, when I think about how much transformation I’ve undergone over the last 3+ years, it’s pretty incredible. Thank you for guiding and walking with me along the way.”

– Carla P.

My Shine Method Coaching Intensive is for you if …

You want to stand out and do something bigger but aren’t sure what or how to begin.

You want more joy in your life and need accountability to make the changes necessary.

You are tired of being tired and ready to get unstuck either at work or in your creative life.

Your family life is chaos and you will do anything to create harmony but need to establish new routines and systems.

You have a desire to do something more but you’re not sure what and you need support to figure it out.

You want non-judgmental help through a transition such as midlife, empty nesting or a life change.

You feel lost and unmotivated for your life and you want something more but you aren’t sure what.

You have a big dream but it’s scary and you’re hoping to step into your brave but need the extra motivation.

You want to be more present, more content in your life and aren’t sure how to do that.

You want to play bigger at work or in your life and you need the personal growth tools to do so.

Your Investment

30 Your Day-Long Shine Method Coaching Intensive Retreat Includes: 

  • A 30-minute Mindfulness Warm Up session to design the day based on your needs and desires. You can expect this portion of our day together to feel like you are on retreat. Dress comfortably and set yourself up in a space that feels nourishing. I’ll send you Shine Coaching Intensive Retreat Welcome Pack giving you specific ways to set yourself up for success for our day together.
  • 90-minute Shine Session in the morning to tap into the way you to shine in the world.
  • A set of journaling exercises or two for you to do on your own (30 minutes).
  • A 30 minute check-in call.
  • A one hour break for rest and reflection — and to grab a bit to eat.
  • A two hour planning session in the afternoon designed to help you take intentional action.
  • MP3 recordings of our every session.
  • 1 30-minute follow-up conversation sometime in the following month of our retreat (with the option to purchase more 1:1 coaching sessions.)
  • And, you’ll receive a care package of blissful self-care goodies in advance of our Intensive. (Think Swag Bag without having to go to a party and talk to strangers.) 
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