Shawn Fink Life Design Coaching


You’ve waited long enough to put yourself first … 

Perhaps you are realizing right now that there is an urgency to taking better care of yourself in mind, body and spirit. Perhaps you are just now realizing that you deserve to feel really good and to do that you must learn how to lean into a more positive, energized state of being so you can make a bigger impact in this world.

The Wake Up & Thrive Network is a membership program for the highly sensitive, midlife mom who is eager to be more resilient so you have the energy to be your best possible self.


I’m so happy you asked. The Wake Up & Thrive Network is a membership program that offers high quality, nourishing body and life wellness inspiration that you can connect with every day. Every month, you’ll receive self-care and healthy living tips, morning routines and refreshing strategies to deal with the overwhelm in your life. These energizing resources and practical tools will help you find balance and harmony in your busy life. No big time commitment needed. This work is done on your own time and in your own home.

It is YOUR time …

For years, you have taken care of everyone else. You’ve gone through the sleepless nights, the midnight feedings, the groggy mornings and the bumps and bruises.

You have put your all into your partnerships and friendships and family obligations.

And all along you’ve wondered … what about me? Who is going to support me? Who has got my back?

Well, dear.

You do.

It’s always been YOU who was going to care for you. You just didn’t realize it.

You’ve read books, magazines, blogs and you still aren’t feeling truly connected to yourself.

It’s time to change the story. YOUR story.

It’s time to Wake Up & Thrive. 

Start connecting with yourself …

I know you have many desires AND you have shoved them away for a long time. You hardly know yourself anymore. The Wake Up & Thrive Network offers you support AND monthly practices rooted in mindfulness, science-based well-being, self-leadership, spiritual soulcare and life design coaching. These practical tools will guide you to connect with yourself on a deeper level — and give you more energy for your dreams and your desires.


  • A 10-Page Monthly Journaling Workbook based on the theme of the month.
  • A Monthly Members-Only Podcast
  • A Mid-Month Digital Care Package filled with goodies to deepen your connection to the monthly theme.
  • A 24/7 group forum to connect and build friendships with women around the world. 
  • Monthly LIVE workshops and chats based on the theme.
  • Access and Discounts on eCourses and Private Coaching with Shawn (for active members only).

Why the Midlife/HSP Woman?

First, let me be clear that the midlife transition happens for women at various ages. You can be in your 30s, 40s or 50s. But the happenings are the same. Your child or children are growing up. You have changed and evolved dramatically over the years. You are questioning everything. And you are ready for a change … for something different. You are ready to bloom where you are planted. But you have no idea where to begin. And, all of this is heightened if you are a highly sensitive/empathic woman right now in the year 2020. You need support, inspiration, motivation and nourishment. The Wake Up & Thrive Network is where you will find the inspiration, support and the sisterhood you have been seeking.