Joy is important and necessary for PEOPLE LIKE US.

People like us who are meaning makers, conscious, feminist, justice-oriented know that we don’t want a capitalist business model. We don’t want to run our business as usual.

We want more YESES.

Because fuck it.

Like is short.

In my last episode, I talked about things you can do to add joy into your business day.

But, the joy stuff doesn’t have to stop there.

You can operationalize joy.

You can make it a part of your mission, your business practices.

You can bake joy into your marketing plan, your sales strategy.

If your marketing tactics make you feel ick, you need a joy infusion!

If you feel resistance to a certain way of doing business that you’ve learned from someone else, that is a red flag that that system isn’t working for you.

Create your own system that is centered around what works for you, what feels good. It’s easy to think there are rules in business — that’s just because we’ve been conditioned by capitalism to operate by a certain set of workplace and business rules.

We can reject any and all of that if it doesn’t feel good.

Listen to this episode here … or read the highlights below.

Here are some ways to operationalize joy

  1. How you choose and find your most aligned clients — if your sales process zaps your joy, it needs to change.
  2. How you market and share your wisdom — if your marketing tactics and strategies zap your joy — they need to change.
  3. How and when you serve your clients — if delivery and follow through is zapping your energy, something needs to change.
  4. If you are all work and no play, where does joy fit in? Your daily structure and weekly routines need to change.
  5. If your vision bores you to tears, we can work on that.
  6. If your creative practices are non-existent — we can work on that.
  7. If you are too busy doing it all, it’s time to hire. If your team is sucking the energy out of you, we can make some changes there as well.
  8. How you come up with new offers or products, even email can be a joy stealer.

We can even operationalize joy on the hard days.

Hard Days in the business, hard weeks hard months.

You know, Joy is one of those most beautiful free things that doesn’t take a lot of effort.

That doesn’t take anything from us. It’s just it is always accessible. The question is, do you have the capacity and the clarity to know that that’s what you need right now.

When we operationalize joy, it means we’re really taking ourselves and our work more seriously — not lesss. It’s not just an afterthought. It’s not just a side, little side hustle, like from time to time like that we do just because it’s not a hobby. Joy is an important, positive emotion that we need to feel. Without joy, we’re not going to feel hope. So we need the joy to be infused to be to be baked in at every at every turn for us, for our team, for our customers and our clients. And then ultimately for you know, the community that we serve. So if you’re leading with joy that is going to spread like wildfire, it is a joy is contagious.

And I’ll end with this story. I was walking in the city recently, and just walking down the street, and suddenly we passed a woman.

And her whole face just bloomed and blossomed into the biggest smile.

Just at the sight of us. I was walking with my daughter.

And I of course smile back, you know, but I was so I was so mesmerized by that instant where her joy at seeing us strangers that she’s never seen before.

What it did for me and so that, that joy that I’m talking about that spreads, that happens in your business to it happens in in you and it happens in your business and it happens among your team members.

If you’re feeling the joy, and you’re baking the joy in then your team is going to start to feel the joy and your customers and your clients are going to feel the joy rather than just sterile business as usual.

You can have fun.

When you operationalize joy, you’re going to have more fun. And when you’re having fun, you’re going to stick with it longer and you’re going to work harder and you’re going to feel like you can accomplish anything.

So I would love to hear from you. I would love to hear how you are going to operate, operationalize joy, how you’re going to bake it into your business, how you’re going to bake it into your life and it’s your work day.