As a highly sensitive, highly creative woman, you can bet I have experienced my fair share of overwhelm.

Too much noise, too many ideas can easily cause me to start spinning.

So that’s why I work really hard to avoid overwhelm in my life.

But sometimes, without realizing it, it creeps back in without notice.

Here’s a Simple Strategy to Reduce Overwhelm

1.   Do a quick scan of all your to-dos in one sitting – write down what needs to be done, what you want to do and what you hope to do this upcoming month. You can even add the “should dos” on your list if you are willing.

2.  Prioritize your list by what needs to be done right now, later and sometime soon. 

3.  Read over your list before you meditate, do yoga, walk, etc. (relaxing things). Do lots of deep breathing — focusing on long exhales to bring your stress level down. 

4.  Return and read your list and eliminate anything that isn’t really all that necessary.

5.    Focus on the next best step.

Helping you reduce overwhelm is important in my role as a coach for women. I am constantly refining how to tackle all the things while still staying true to myself, my values and being present at home and in my life.