The Business Brave MANIFESTA


Entrepreneurship is full of risk and uncertainty and, therefore, carries a lot of weight and fear.

The mere act of creating a business that hasn’t ever been before is the ultimate practice of living into the questions.

To be #BusinessBrave means we cultivate unshakeable resilience in order to rise, lead and flourish so we can take calculated risks.



As entreprenurs we spend 80 percent of our day making challenging decisions, having scary conversations and dealing with setbacks and struggles.

Running a business requires Radical Grace, Radical Trust and Radical Wellbeing in order to move through uncertainy, fear, self-doubt and anxiety daily.

To be #BusinessBrave means we lean on spiritual audacity practices, rituals and resources to shore us up to handle uncertainty and fear.


Entrepreneurship is a meaning-filled venture that we bring all of ourselves to each day.

Running a business is not just about money — it brings meaning and purpose to our lives.

To be #BusinessBrave means we pour our heart and soul into what we offer, how we offer it and who we serve —  without apology.


Entrepreneurship is a powerful responsibility. Our business is a portal to help people, heal the world, change systems, inspire health, wealth and wellbeing and much more.

We are leaders who can demonstrate kind and ethical business practices that heal and support systems so that all beings thrive and prosper. 

To be #BusinessBrave means we reject business as usual and put people first in our marketing and sales practices — without sacrificing our own livelihood or integrity.

Being #BusinessBrave and Brave Business Coaching works with each client to ensure you are embracing daring leadership in your business.

I am a Brené Brown Dare to Lead trained professional. 

Leadership, Courage, Vulnerability, Authenticity, Resilience


Entrepreneurship is not just about profit and expenses — it’s a sovereign practice of owning our own time and practicing creative freedom.

We benefit from having the agency to self-express and do business on our own terms. We show up in our full, whole glory to do work we love.

To be #BusinessBrave means we lead our business on our terms and we show up authentically and vulnerably — ready to handle all criticism and feedback.


Entrepreneurship offers us resources — in time, influence and money — to build generational wealth in our own families and to help do our part to care for people and to help ALL beings thrive and flourish.

When we have the money to influence and ignite the life we desire, we are stepping into our power to contribute to the Greater Good Goals of our highest vision.

To be #BusinessBrave means we use our cash to care deeply for ourselves and to support our commitments to the greater good of humanity and the earth.


Entrepreneurship is a privilege we share with a whole ecosystem of humanity and life.

We have a responsibility to honor the interdependence we have with nature and with each other. This means we are consciously consuming and doing no harm to others, including the land.

Being #BusinessBrave means relentlessly and persistently working toward justice, equity, diversity and inclusion in all aspects of our lives and work to promote thriving for all beings. 


Entrepreneurship isn’t always about being popular — it can be about standing apart and empowering others to stand in their truth as much as you get to stand in yours.

Popular means you’re for the masses.

Here we focus on being different, finding and celebrating your unique assets and using your powerful influences for good. 

Being #BusinessBrave means standing out and using your voice, speaking up and owning your weird. It means using your strengths as power.

Being #BusinessBrave and Brave Business Coaching works with each client to ensure we are working toward the United Nations Sustainable Development 17 Goals, specifically these four.