Hello there, my friends. I hope you are taking some deep, deep breaths in this very moment and I want to say thank you for being here.

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This past week, I published a long-form blog post called Want to Be Braver? 10 Ways to Live More Courageously in Your Life. I am happy to report that I have experienced all 10 types of courage laid out in that post.

And I am working on deepening my own work in each of them still.

“Being brave, doing big things, taking risks — in personal and professional lives — is a beautiful, fun life experiment. My people like variety and change. We need inspiration and motivation from many sources. Doing the same thing day after day isn’t on our list of happy things.”


I’m guessing you have big dreams and big and small goals — things that you know you should be working toward or want to be working toward but you’re not seeing the kind of progress you want to make.

  • You want to BECOME your highest self.
  • You want to grow your own authority in your work.
  • You want to make and create beautiful things!

Well, getting there takes work.


Maybe you want to be a prolific writer, an author, a thought leader, a highly sought after coach … you want the million-dollar biz, the fancy house, the Tesla (OK, this is my dream not yours.)

Well, to do big things requires hard work. I work with a lot of creators and big thinkers — whose ideas need to be more visible in this world but they aren’t getting the kind of traction they want. We need to change this.

No matter what your dream, passion or idea is — it deserves to be realized.

You deserve to be someone who is fully self-expressed in this world, who gets to show up and be you and do the kind of work you dream of doing. If you have created anything or dreamed big for any thing you are passionate about — I absolutely want to help you see it through.

Even if it takes years. Or decades. Or hours.

The problem with dreams and goals — and the way we are influenced today — is that we think it should just all show up.

My daughter thinks that a fancy new phone and a new Macbook Pro is going to catapult her to YouTube fame. I’ve had clients who want to see their business grow but they don’t want to do what it takes to make a business grow — but only in ways they’ve read about like 4-hour work days and 3-day weeks.

Building anything — a business, a coaching practice, a book, a program, a side hustle. — takes time. I spent countless hours building my first business Abundant Mama. I continue to try and create things that aren’t business or life as usual. We have enough of that. But that means I have to put the time in.

And it also means I have to stop other things.

So, if you want to do deep service in this world — to yourself and others — by creating, making and offering beautiful things — you need to stop doing a few things.

  • People Pleasing.
  • Letting Your To-Do List Win.
  • Getting too sucked into the chaos and drama of life — yours or others.

I dive into all three of these more deeply on the podcast episode.

The truth of the matter is that until we master ourselves and stop doing these three things we will struggle with being braver and doing braver leadership work.

Being bolder and braver is a big part of my coaching programs — because the world needs your leadership more than ever.