I’m feeling the good energy one feels after spending a positive, uplifting afternoon with other women. The spring retreat was yesterday and we really focused on exceptional well-being practices that would not only feel good but leave us lifted up and in a more optimal state emotionally and mentally.

It’s not the same as being in person but it’s oh so good.

One of the themes that came up a lot by the end of the retreat is the work that these women need to do around releasing fears.

And in coaching work, this is a big part of the work we do. It’s necessary to release fears in order to move forward in our lives.

When we are standing up for ourselves, our beliefs, our dreams … we are also putting ourselves out there. We are giving ourselves space to do something incredible, something novel.

In my recent podcast, I am talking about how we make decisions to act on our Brave Yes Leaps.

LIsten now …