11 Essential Sovereign Business Practices Every Female Founder Needs to Put into Place

11 Essential Sovereign Business Practices Every Female Founder Needs to Put into Place

I love the work I do because my whole life I have dedicated every ounce of my being to the advancement and empowerment of women and those who identify as female. 

Empowerment is one of those overused words, though, and often loses its meaning after a while. 

What I really mean to say here is this: I am here to see you feel confident enough to do what feels good for you and to feel ready and willing to do what is uncomfortably necessary to grow your influence, your success and your power.

And, in business, this means daily — or multiple times a day.

No time is better to do that than when you feel like you are not feeling aligned or when your business is a runaway train, like you’re off track but the train is speeding along and there is no end in sight. 

In those moments, or seasons, something isn’t feeling right and you feel powerless.

  • Perhaps you are feeling invisible or as if you are playing too small
  • Perhaps you are feeling swamped and finding yourself leading a team and feeling out of control in your own life or creativity.
  • Perhaps you feel like you are calling in the wrong kinds of clients or not earning enough income for yourself.
  • Perhaps you feel like you are spending more time in your day doing what you do not love and what doesn’t bring you joy.

Any of these scenarios – or many others – can create friction in your role as a founder.

You went into business for the freedom but, if you are not careful, you won’t have the kind of freedom you really want.

I work with my clients on the Entrepreneurial Freedom Trifecta: Designing business and offerings that create time flexibility, meaning making and identity freedom.

All of this, though, requires that, we as women founders and entrepreneurs, feel empowered and stay in our power as we make key decisions and take bold action.

The goal for me as a coach is to empower my clients to reach a place of sovereignty in their business – in their offerings, in their revenue, in their leadership, in their marketing and sales, and in their daily activities.

This involves a lot of outer changes and inner shifts that results in more confidence and feeling much more empowered in how they show up in their business and for their team — and personally.

For instance, I have a client who was barely leading her team, not expecting enough from her team and slowly came to realize that she needed to step up and lead more boldly. That meant she had to make a lot of changes, including becoming a more sovereign business owner.

What does it mean to be sovereign?

As a founder and entrepreneur, you decide how your business is going to be shaped and the culture it will operate under.

When you are no longer making those decisions that benefit you or your business vision, or when you are pleasing others far more than your interests, you are not operating in a sovereign way.

But, what does sovereignty really mean?

According to Merriam Webster Dictionary, Sovereignty means:

a : supreme power especially over a body politic

b: freedom from external control : AUTONOMY

c: controlling influence

: one that is sovereign

especially : an autonomous state

I work with my clients on what I call Brave YES Power Moves, which include a myriad of bold actions especially sovereign business practices that give you back your power, your ability to influence your role and your business, and freedom from other people telling you how to do things or what you can and can’t do.

When you operate as a Sovereign Founder you are embracing power within that reminds you that you are the visionary and the leader of your business. And you get to be the boss. You get to be authentically you and design your business around what works for you. This doesn’t give you permission to be a jerk or a bad leader. It doesn’t mean powering over your team or being unavailable for your clients.

It simply means you are grounded in presence because you have a clear understanding of what is happening and what you need for your highest good of service in this world.

Why Sovereignty is Essential for a Thriving Business

Far too often, entrepreneurs burn out and bottom out in business because they lose control of how they are spending their time and where their energy goes. This can be from working with clients and service delivery or it could be working with a team.

When you have sovereignty, you feel like you are in control and that you are able to make decisions from a place of empowerment not power loss.

Running and growing a business takes a lot of patience and discernment.

The more you feel empowered, the happier and more balanced you are going to feel.

I wish someone had told me more about staying in my power and being sovereign early in my entrepreneurship journey. I would have made some different key decisions that benefited me more in those early years. Instead, I let others influence how I ran my business and what decisions I made.

Once I stepped into my power and truly felt like I had agency over my decision making and leadership, I found the balance and joy I had been searching for at that time and the confidence to take some strategic risks that I had been holding back on.

It’s never too late to devote yourself to empowering yourself to bolder leadership and taking more aligned, braver action in your business and that’s what we work on in my private coaching program as well as my Brave YES Power Squad, a group coaching program devoted to boosting your courage, confidence and inner power.

When you feel powerful, you can do anything and you will do anything. Do not think that your power is too much or excessive. Your POWER is the driver of your creative energy and your generosity. It is the core of your business. Your team relies on you to put your POWER to use for good. Your power can shape every single member of your team into a star. If you use it. This is essential inner work my clients are ALL are encouraged to do with my business and courage coaching program.

Here are 10 Essential Sovereign Business Practices Every Female Founder Needs to Put into Place:

1. Set Bolder Boundaries.

I’ve been a full-time entrepreneur for 10 years and I learned many boundary lessons by NOT having boundaries in place.

The truth is that no one can tell you what boundaries you need to have in place to feel empowered and energized. You have to figure them out and implement as they come up.

Boundaries are your inner and outer personal rules to abide by that help to protect your joy, your energy, your resources and your time. Often, we are good at setting boundaries with clients and, perhaps even, team members.

The thing is, though, powerful boundaries that you set WITH YOURSELF are just as important and will help you advance and be proactive not just reactive about your goals and vision are also equally as essential.

In other words, setting boundaries to protect you against your own self-sabotage is just as important as the ones you set with others.

>>>> Sign up now for my Bolder Business Boundaries Boost FREE Challenge here.

2. Lead with Your Brave YES Edge

Everyone is talking about being authentic these days.

And, for some, being authentic is performative and splashy.

But, what if you are beige? A bit too vanilla?

Well, that’s perfect, too!

This is where my passion for helping you discover and Own YOUR Brave YES Edge comes into play.

I’m not just a business coach.

I’m a business strategist who also specifically offers courage coaching to help my clients uplevel and do hard things — and I work with my clients on their next Brave YES Leaps.

And, you’re not just a … landscape architect, book coach, graphic designer, painter, writing coach, etc. etc. etc.

Your Brave YES Edge is the key to drawing people to you and the work you do and how you can help them. It’s what sets you apart.

Your Brave YES Edge is how you stand out, NOT how you fit in.

>>> Get started with finding your edge by Discovering Your Entrepreneurial Courage Style!

3. Step into Brave Leadership

The state of our future relies on YOU putting your genius out into the world —- whether that is in speaking up and speaking out, your ideas, your services, your art or your energy, your products, your offers, your voice.

When you stand for something and express it, this is how you claim — or reclaim — your power.

Our systems are broken and bold creators and thought leaders like you are going to save us — by leading more courageously and creating work that bridges us to the New World we all crave and desire.

Once you know what you stand for nothing will stop you and you can make an impact … with your influence, your money, your leadership, your ideas and your power.

Be willing to be a leader and not a beginner. Step into your expert status now. Let them see your brave.

4. Say YES Before You’re Ready 

It’s so easy to think you need to learn more and experience more before you say YES to a big goal or dream you have for yourself or your business.

The thing is, at some point you have to move beyond your beginner’s mindset and step into your expert status.

For women entrepreneurs this can be especially challenging. Unlike our male counterparts who tend to walk into a new experience confident, we tend to hold back, play small and wait for clear evidence we are ready to take a risk or try something new.

In order to get your business where you want it, you’ll have to start saying YES before you think you are ready.

5. Determine How YOU will influence and market in your business

When you let the Big Guys dictate how you will market based on their needs and wants and how they set the algorithms, you are not in your power.

If you love video and video is where your happy place is, that works well for you. If you do not love video, you do not have to use video. Most of my clients do not love video or consume it so we use many other ways to market our work.

When you step into your power and listen to what you know works best for you and your business, you can determine how you will influence and market your business in a way that feels fully aligned with your passion and your values.

Your Entrepreneurial courage style can absolutely guide you in how you approach sales and marketing.

6. Set Brave YES Intentions for Yourself, not just your business.

I have a general rule — well, it’s more a bit of an anarchist/non-conformist/anti-authoritarian streak — where if you tell me exactly what to do, I’m not going to do it.

My clients know this about me. 😄

So, when all the craze several years ago was picking a word of the year, the more my brain tried and tried, the more my heart and soul resisted.

So I started setting intentions instead and that was all great.

But sometimes intentions are a little too comfy.

Setting Soul Goals & Brave Yes intentions is not a left brained exercise.

  • It’s right brained.
  • It’s spiritual.
  • It’s time consuming.

And it needs to be done in the perfect environment — a safe space or spaciousness — where you can really open up and allow all possibilities to step out of hiding. Otherwise you end up choosing intentions based on shoulds or false illusions — those things that are based on what is beckoned to you, that shows up in front of you and suddenly you need.

But, don’t forget you aren’t just a business owner. Set intentions that GROW your own interests, dreams and visions for your life. This is where the real Brave YES yearnings come alive.

Learn more about Setting Brave YES Intentions here.

7. Define Your Own Success

There’s lots of talk about making 7 and 8 figures these days.

Let’s clear something up.

You can be successful earning less than 6 figures — if that’s where you’re at, own it and soak in the abundance of where you are currently.

It’s all in how you define success for yourself and how you live your life.

Don’t let other people’s ideas of success determine your own.

Think for yourself.

Design metrics of success that are deeply personal to you.

8. Take Actions that Scale Your Joy

If your any of your sales, marketing or business tasks make you feel ick or angry or bored out of your mind, you need a joy infusion!

If you feel resistance to a certain way of doing business that you’ve learned from someone else, that is a red flag that that system isn’t working for you.

Create your own system that is centered around what works for you, what feels good. It’s easy to think there are rules in business — that’s just because we’ve been conditioned by capitalism to operate by a certain set of workplace and business rules.

We can reject any and all of that if it doesn’t feel good.


As a coach, my role in a coaching relationship is to keep a focus on your wholistic life — and our work together is about bringing all of your many fragmented parts into alignment.

We weave wholeness into everything including your own self-worth through my business coaching. Once you know yourself so well that you can see how you have been showing up in the world out of alignment, it’s so much easier to lead and create more boldly.

The key to being the change we want to see in the world beings within. It begins with no longer self-sabotaging. It begins with no longer letting energy leaks take over. It begins with trusting yourself.

10. Use Your Voice and Take Up Space

Despite what the voices in your head tell you, you are ready.

You are ready to start taking up more space in ways you never dreamed.

In order to attract your most aligned clients and you need to let them see your B.R.A.V.E … this means you need to show up, take risks and really start to put yourself out there — consistently and boldly.

You are an expert. You know what you are doing. You are more than capable.

It’s time to take up space.

It’s time to use your voice. You can do this through strategic content creation, speaking, hosting events and more.

>>>>>> Listen (or read) all about Let Them See Your B.R.A.V.E here.

11. Invest in Believing in Your Self-Worth

We have to find new ways of seeing ourselves and that means focusing more on what’s strong and not what’s wrong. 

When we focus on what’s wrong, all the gaping holes of our entire existence start to show up as glaring stains on our nice clean shirts. 

But when we focus on what’s strong like our strengths, like our assets, like our experiences, like our skills, we start to see ourselves for what we are: wise, beautiful survivors, people who’ve been through a lot, who carry a lot, who are going to change the world one tiny moment at a time. 

All of this can carry you through a sale, can carry you through a marketing campaign, can carry you through a new program–  all of it. 

Once you start to empower yourself. By investing in boosting your self worth and confidence, you will see sales. 

Marketing visibility offers creativity, making the hard asks become easier. It impacts the boundaries you keep and the way you communicate with others. 

When you communicate from a place of self doubt or low self worth, nobody’s going to take you seriously. You’re not going to make the kind of impact you want to make.

>>> To do this, you may need to untangle your self-worth from your bank account

Any of these practices will help you stand in your already-existing power. Any of these sovereign business practices will empower you to make more sound decisions that impact your bottom line, wellbeing and team more positively. But, putting all of them into practice over time will be a game changer.

Which sovereign business practice would you like to double down on and make your priority the rest of this year?

Do You Need to Get Business Brave?

Do You Need to Get Business Brave?

Today, I’m talking about what it means to be business brave.

Let’s get business brave.

This is a concept that came out of a coaching call that I had, where the coach was really asking me okay, what are you about? Like, what are you uh, you know, what’s your purpose? You know I talk about the brave yes all the time.

The YES is vital.

But what I’ve been trying to stress upon you all in these lists latest recent episodes is that there is so much more to our roles as leaders of our businesses. Beyond the Yes.

A lot of the work that we are doing is more understated, a lot of the courage work that we’re doing is much more, it’s more invisible.

And so today I’m talking about what it means to be business brave.

My passion and purpose is working with wholehearted, heart centered entrepreneurs.

These are entrepreneurs who believe greatly in making the world a better place, make helping people thrive, helping the land, thrive, helping systems thrive, whatever it is, but my people really want to see change, progress. And things just improve for people and systems and communities.

That is their passion. So yes, they are entrepreneurs. And there is more to it than that.

And so when I say let’s get business brave, what I’m really saying is, let’s really build businesses that are wholehearted, that are human centered.

And, by human, I mean you the founder, the leader of the business and those you serve, and those who are impacted by the work that you’re doing.

So money, meaning and the greater good.

You go to my website, you look at the homepage, the very first word you will see is money, meaning and the greater good.

And I say that because I really think that a business and the people that I work with and love to work with is not just business as usual.

When I say money, meaning in the greater good, what I’m saying is this isn’t just about a sales strategy.

This isn’t just about having a website and selling.

There is much more to it. It’s much more Spiritual, it’s much more aligned. And that is where we start to get into what it means to run and operate a wholehearted, heart centered business.

So when I say let’s get business brave, what I’m saying is, let’s do what it takes to run a meaningful business that is also about contributing to the greater good.

And let’s make sure that we are making money while we’re doing that, because this is our time, and our lives and our retirement on the line.

Listen to this episode now.

The Power of Knowing Your Worth

The Power of Knowing Your Worth

This month, I’ve been focusing on the importance of investing in your capacity as a CEO and entrepreneur — because in order to be braver, be bolder and do braver work in this world, we must have the capacity for it all.

Without capacity we are left exhausted and floundering. We never set our best intentions forward when we are burned out an exhausted.

Capacity ebbs and flows but at the end of the day, the number ONE capacity stealer that I see over and over in my work with entrepreneurs is this → a lack of self-worth.

There is no bigger drain on our creativity, our energy, our wellbeing than not believing we are good enough.

It just so happens that I have been coaching, studying and building a body of work around enoughness for years and it’s a huge part of my coaching program.

Listen to this SOULCAST episode now.

22 Ways to Show Up for Yourself This Year

22 Ways to Show Up for Yourself This Year

Showing up for yourself is something I know a lot of my clients want to do this year and so I wanted to really help them — and you — consider what this means.

As Brave Yes CEOs, showing up, being visible and taking up space is important.

Our bottom line depends on it.

But often, what we need to do the big stuff we need to do, we must show up for ourselves.

Showing up for ourselves is how we begin to boost our own capacity and energy.

The more FILLED UP you feel, the more you can give to others.

What does it mean to show up for yourself?

What would need to change for you to show up for yourself?

I’m sharing 22 ways you can show up for yourself this year …

22 Ways to Show Up for Yourself in 2022

  1. — Devote time and energy to your own expansion
  2. — Invest in boosting your own capacity so you have more energy
  3. — Discover what self-trust means to you
  4. — Adopt a “No Wasted Action” mindset
  5. — Pay yourself more — or at least treat yourself more
  6. — Take time off to think, to dream, to be
  7. — Ask yourself what you want — and listen to yourself
  8. — Write yourself into your to-do list
  9. Test your own edges of courage
  10. Choose your Brave Yes and go for it
  11. — Do the inner work you need to find clarity
  12. — Surround yourself with people rooting for you
  13. — Keep your own promises
  14. — Set Bolder Business Boundaries
  15. — Tune in and ALIGN your business with your needs and values
  16. Let scarcity and not enoughness go for once
  17. — Go ahead and Stop being so perfect and start being more untamed
  18. — Set clear Brave Yes Intentions
  19. — Create with abandon
  20. — Run your Business through your own brand of authenticity
  21. — Invest in your next chapter, season, stage or courageous change
  22. Start taking inspired action toward being who you really want to be.
Your Expansion is Calling

Your Expansion is Calling

What do you need to EXPAND in order to move into your Brave Yes?

In last week’s podcast, I talked about the 3Cs of a Brave Yes CEO, which makes up the basic foundation of my work in Brave Yes Coaching:




Every day as entrepreneurs and CEOs we are faced with a lot of decisions to make — or unmake. Where should we put our energy, time and resources? What do we need? What do we want?

  • Some decisions are easy.
  • Some require effort.
  • Others, though, require full-on EXPANSION.

Brave Yes Coaching  with me is really about the latter two areas.

No matter the Brave Yes you want or need to make right now for yourself or your business, expansion is likely needed.



For me, Expansion can be defined as … growing, stretching, reaching, opening up. breaking free, upleveling, uprooting.

For me, I have had many, many EXPANSION chapters as a business owner.

After all, I went from freelancer to blogger

Blogger to creator.

Creator to Coach

Coach to business owner.

Business owner to CEO.

Once I realized I had outgrown my first business model and the work we were doing together, boredom took over. I could stay the course — or work toward my next chapter — my Brave Yes.

So …

In 2019, I began actively working on my own expansion of capacity. The clarity was the last piece I worked on because I wasn’t sure which direction I wanted to go in.

My expansion took 1.5 years — the hard way. All but 3 months was spent in spin cycle, ruminated and fear.

The awakening happened when I fell apart after falling apart.

The breakdown led to the breakthrough, which started the journey to explore what was next.

Who did I want to be?



Currently, my clients are working on expansions around — their leadership roles, permission to allow for pleasure, mindset, self-trust, confidence and, of course, courage.

I’m in the process of creating a new Brave Yes Power Tool that I”m calling Your Brave Yes EXPANSION Excavation — this is a tool to identify the area in which you personally need an expansion to help you get to your next level or to take your business to the next level.

INVITATION — > Are you interested in going through a Brave Yes Expansion Excavation with me? This assessment is a deep dive into your role as the leader of your business or company — and what you need to do to uplevel. Schedule a Free coaching discovery call and make sure you mention the Expansion Excavation.

Expansion requires a number of resources.

:: It requires the capacity to expand. Essential. If you aren’t sure if you need to invest in your own capacity, see my last podcast.

:: It requires support. I can’t stress this piece enough. Finding safe, calm and strong support for your ability to bloom and expand out of your current life or business container is essential. Few people are going to get it. Few people are going to be rooting for you. Few people are going to be able to hold the kind of safe space you need to explore your own edges of expansion.

:: It requires a vision and permission to dream bigger and play bigger. Sure you can stay safe and comfortable under current conditions. I did that for years. I even searched for people to help me stay where I was and not change a thing. That didn’t work. Cultivating a playground for perspective building, pushing yourself to dream bigger and staying with all of it without falling back to safety is crucial.

Wherever you are feeling called to EXPAND … the inner work you need to do to get there is important. It’s not a step to skip or else you may find yourself shrinking back or feeling out of alignment.

Do the work.

Let yourself grow.

Let yourself go.

Take a moment today to consider this:  Where are you being called to expand in your life, work or identity this year? And what inspired action is required?

LET’S DIVE INTO YOUR EXPANSION AREAS — > Are you interested in going through a Brave Yes Expansion Excavation with me? This assessment is a deep dive into your role as the leader of your business or company — and what you need to do to uplevel. Schedule a Free coaching discovery call and make sure you mention the Expansion Excavation.

Ready to Uplevel Your Business? The 3 Cs of a Brave Yes CEO

Ready to Uplevel Your Business? The 3 Cs of a Brave Yes CEO

I want to talk about an essential part of my coaching philosophy today — the Catapult Method, which is a fun way of looking at the 3 Cs of Brave Yes CEO coaching and methodology.

Two episodes ago, I talked about the goal of my work with women founders and entrepreneurs is all about the A-Factor — that focuses on alignment, audacious self-worth and authenticity. If you haven’t, check out that episode.

And in the last episode I went deep on my own personal word of the year — untamed — and how I see it playing out in my business this year.

Today I’m going to be a bit more practical and talk about the 3Cs of a Brave Yes CEO. Plus a bonus C for fun.

  • Clarity
  • Capacity
  • Courage

When I began my first business in 2012 — 10 years ago — I definitely didn’t have the 3cs. But over time I learned they were essential and where I eventually began to put 80 percent of my investment and resources.

So let’s dive in.

Listen to this episode here or read below.

Ready to Uplevel Your Business? The 3 Cs of a Brave Yes CEO

Ready to Uplevel Your Business? The 3 Cs of a Brave Yes CEO


When we lack clarity we spin our wheels and end up very, very distracted and off our path.

Lacking clarity is something that evolves — the more input and ideas we consume, the less clear we become. The possibilities become endless.

I definitely made this mistake early on in my first business. I wanted to do it all — I am a manifesting generator in human design after all! And not only did I want to do it all. I did do it all. until my business was a cluster%$##.

I used to get to my desk on Monday with more ideas than time and be stuck in gridlock on what to do next.

Until I put all my energy and resources into clarity and un-complicating things — and this is exactly what I work with my clients on when it comes to YOUR vision and clarity.

  • Clarity is powerful.
  • Clarity is motivating.
  • Clarity is energizing.

When you know, you know.

Clarity brings forth an inner knowing of what’s next.

This doesn’t mean once you find clarity you will always have clarity.


Clarity is constantly needing to be reset and re-ignited.

The more clarity we have the more projects we finish. The more clarity we have the more time we use effectively. The more clarity we have the more momentum we feel in our businesses. The more clarity we have the more we communicate clearly and with impact.

Some signs you need to invest in finding and cultivating crystal clear clarity:

— you don’t know what you should be doing

— you are stuck on spin cycle of what you where you want to take your business

— you spend a lot of time on the same few tasks in your business

— you aren’t sure who you really want to be or who you really want to serve

Ready to Uplevel Your Business? The 3 Cs of a Brave Yes CEO


Capacity is what we need to do our work and tend to ourselves and our families and not burnout. Capacity is the energy and vitality you need to do big, bold work in this world.

When we lack capacity, we lack the energy we need to move forward, to take on scary projects, to make those Brave Yes Leaps that we want to take in our lives or businesses.

I remember when I started making capacity and well-being a big part of my creative work. My daughter was a toddler and began having huge, huge meltdowns. These meltdowns continued for years. They were so big and so overwhelming that when she would go off to school or go to bed, I felt absolutely zapped.

I had to find a way to make sure that her emotions didn’t become mine.

And that’s how my first business, Abundant Mama, was born, honestly.

And it’s still so much of the coaching work I do with my clients — clients who want the capacity to write a book, launch a program, charge more, take on more 1:1 clients without burning out, do more art, etc. etc.

We all get 24 hours.

Some of us are going to use those 24 hours super efficiently and others are not and a big part of what decides that is your capacity. Your capacity to hold space and energy for all the things.

I am a woman who likes to do all the things.

My wellbeing work is essential and includes a ton of spiritual wellbeing and emotional. I work with my clients on nurturing your WHOLE self.

Signs you need to invest in boosting your capacity:

— you fall into extremes in your productivity — supercharged productive days or weeks followed by total inaction or very unmotivated dips.

— you want to do something out of your comfort zone but you are so tired and so exhausted from the day to day of your work

— you dread some of the things you need to do to move the needle in your business or work and just don’t have the energy for it.

— you play smaller to protect your wellbeing because you are afraid that upleveling is going to “cost” you time and energy.

— you spend more time in emotional upheaval than you’d like

— you wish you have more energy for LIFE beyond work

Ready to Uplevel Your Business? The 3 Cs of a Brave Yes CEO


Courage to live and lead a Brave Yes mindset — that allows for that A-Factor around alignment, authenticity and activating your superpowers — is essential.

It’s the difference between a boring business and one that lights you up.

It’s the difference between playing small and having more impact.

Here’s the thing: You have a brilliance inside of you that right now is caught in the web of protection.

That web is filled with a bunch of self-sabotage and limiting beliefs such as — > I can’t make the time to write a book or launch my dream offer. Or, I’m not good enough or confident enough.

Whatever it is that’s stopping you from living and leading from your most courageous self it’s keeping you safe and comfortable.

I like safe and comfortable.

In fact, I toggle between wanting to change the world and curl up in my cozy clothes and shutting out the world. This toggle life requires me to do the work of courage and leaving my comfort zone.

I work my clients on discomfort in the messy middle or in the stretch zone because our emotional override is to keep us small, still and peaceful.

But there’s nothing small, still and peaceful around launching anything – a book, a new offer, a new identity, a new life or business. Change is hard. It brings up a lot of shit.

And yet change — and Brave Yes CEOs need to make changes — is essential to keeping our businesses relevant with the times and the market.

Change doesn’t have to be burning it all down either.

Changes can be powerful and subtle. Like in how you set boundaries — see Boundary Boost for more on this — or how you choose to do your work.

I have a whole blog post and podcast episode around the different areas of courage you can lean into.

Sometimes the Brave Yes is going deeper into what you already have going well. Sometimes it’s burning it all down and starting from scratch.

  • –> Sometimes it’s finding the balance between the two.

I work with women CEOs and Founders who are ready to uplevel yourself or your business. Whatever your Brave Yes is … it’s going to help you feel more authentic and more aligned.

Because a Brave Yes CEO isn’t afraid to do whatever you need to do to experience inner and outer harmony with yourself, your integrity and your values.

Some of the signs you need to invest inner courage work:

— You’ve had a big dream or goal on your list for years.

— You know you need to take your biz to the next level but something is holding you back.

— You self-sabotage a lot and need to get out of your own way.

— You are the bottleneck of your business.

— You desire more bold marketing and visibility but keep hanging back and hiding.

So that’s my Catapult Method: Clarity, Capacity and Courage — and my Brave Yes Coaching Program helps you with ALL THREE of these areas.

LET’S WORK TOGETHER: You are invited to schedule a call with me! If you need help boosting and cultivating clarity, capacity or courage than my coaching method is ideal as you consider upleveling your role as the leader of your business. All coaching discovery calls with me or free and pressure-free. They are simply a zoom conversation to see if private coaching with me is what you need right now to get unstuck, do what feels good in your business and start to move the needle and find more momentum on the business you dream of having. SCHEDULE HERE.