Do you ever wish all that busy work that you are trapped under each and every daywould actually just work, already? It would get you further along on the path? It would spotlight the magic sauce to more ease and more joy?


That’s not what’s happening? Instead you keep spinning your wheels through the messy middle of now with hopes of getting to a brighter future. A happier future.

Well, I am not a fan of wasted action.

I don’t want small talk.

I don’t want big plans that hold me hostage from living a beautiful life.

🔥 I want impact.

🔥 I want to be doing transformational work with those who want to do transformational work — because WE are the ones building this new world.

🔥 I want flow that feels good and in my values of how I want to lead and live.

Let’s forget tactics.

  • Let’s build beautiful things.
  • Let’s light up the darkness.
  • Let’s move mountains with our divine rage.
  • Let’s forget the rules and follow our brilliance.
  • Let’s set fire to the things no longer working — in ourselves, in our businesses, in society and in this world.

It’s time to plant the seeds for your tomorrow and our new and much better world.

It’s time to get off the sidelines.

It’s time to stop playing small.

It’s time to get clear, summon the capacity and dig deep for the courage to put your #BraveYes into the world.

Listen to this podcast now or keep reading below!

This year I’ve been playing with a new methodology around intention setting since my work is about playing bigger and really rising up and shining more in your life and specifically your work.

I have a general rule — well, it’s more a bit of an anarchist/non-conformist/anti-authoritarian streak — where if you tell me exactly what to do, I’m not going to do it.

My clients know this about me. 😄

So, when all the craze several years ago was picking a word of the year, the more my brain tried and tried, the more my heart and soul resisted.

So I started setting intentions instead and that was all great.

But sometimes intentions are a little too comfy.

How to Set Brave Yes Intentions for your Business and Life

I’ve been testing this approach with some of my coaching clients and it’s all about setting your Brave Yes Intentions and THAT has felt great for me — and my clients are loving it as well. Just enough push to keep us in flow — and not too much to create overwhelm or exhaustion.

Setting Soul Goals & Brave Yes intentions is not a left brained exercise.

  • It’s right brained.
  • It’s spiritual.
  • It’s time consuming.

And it needs to be done in the perfect environment — a safe space or spaciousness — where you can really open up and allow all possibilities to step out of hiding. Otherwise you end up choosing intentions based on shoulds or false illusions — those things that are based on what is beckoned to you, that shows up in front of you and suddenly you need to — like my daughter with Starbucks. She doesn’t need it until she sees it and it sure is everywhere.

For me, it begins with a bit of a ritual: spiritual practice of journaling, meditation and contemplation and then digging deep for the questions I need to ask myself.

The best questions make us think harder and go deeper within. So I want to coach you today on finding your personal Brave Yes Intentions.

Let’s just pretend for a second that we’re together on Zoom and you are being coached. I would ask that you have a notepad with you to take notes. You’ll want to capture the ideas that rise up.

The first question I’d ask you — and one I’ve been asking my clients this month — is what seeds do you want to plan in 2022 to create the new world we could help design and take shape?

Sit with that for a minute and let it rest with you. What seeds do you want to plant? YOU. Seeds of _____.

For example, if you want a kinder more just world — your personal Brave Yes Intentions will be to do more justice or kindness work in your life. How can you operationalize or systematize climate justice or Black Lives Matter?

Sometimes the best way to find your Brave Yes Intentions is to look back at the past year and reflect on what unfolded that you did not serve you and start to wrestle with what life could be like without that — whatever it is.

For years I’ve been walking women through these very intentions though in the past they were geared to staying small, being peaceful and falling into a cozy quiet place.

Now, my work is the complete opposite.

I’m here to work with women who are ready to blaze their own path.

To play bigger

To be at the tables where change is happening.

To rise up and let divine rage take over.

Let’s keep going.

Take a deep breath and ask yourself this:

  • What do you want more of this year?
  • What do you want less of?
  • What do you want to make sure you keep prioritizing?
  • What do you want to start or stop?

When I think about my own intentions for 2022, especially after the nearly two years of this pandemic and the shock and fear we experienced as a family due to health issues, I’m seeing a need to have a set of intentions around living life more. Our girls are going to be wrapping up 10th grade and going into 11th in 2022 and the time is slipping away for us to be together. It’s already slipping, honestly. And we learned that life is short and not at all predictable. That we need to live more for today.

So my Brave Yes Intentions are very much around playing bigger and taking more risks than ever both personally, professionally and certainly creatively and in my coaching programming.

And, the funny thing is that while doing the inner work to find my 2022 Brave Yes Intentions — I found my absolute perfect Word of the Year. It came naturally to me and powerfully. So 2022 is definitely going to be very interesting. I’m already feeling the power of my word and my intentions and I see the possibilities opening up.

What’s ONE Brave Yes Intention you have for yourself, your life or your business — for 2022?