Showing up for yourself is something I know a lot of my clients want to do this year and so I wanted to really help them — and you — consider what this means.

As Brave Yes CEOs, showing up, being visible and taking up space is important.

Our bottom line depends on it.

But often, what we need to do the big stuff we need to do, we must show up for ourselves.

Showing up for ourselves is how we begin to boost our own capacity and energy.

The more FILLED UP you feel, the more you can give to others.

What does it mean to show up for yourself?

What would need to change for you to show up for yourself?

I’m sharing 22 ways you can show up for yourself this year …

22 Ways to Show Up for Yourself in 2022

  1. — Devote time and energy to your own expansion
  2. — Invest in boosting your own capacity so you have more energy
  3. — Discover what self-trust means to you
  4. — Adopt a “No Wasted Action” mindset
  5. — Pay yourself more — or at least treat yourself more
  6. — Take time off to think, to dream, to be
  7. — Ask yourself what you want — and listen to yourself
  8. — Write yourself into your to-do list
  9. Test your own edges of courage
  10. Choose your Brave Yes and go for it
  11. — Do the inner work you need to find clarity
  12. — Surround yourself with people rooting for you
  13. — Keep your own promises
  14. — Set Bolder Business Boundaries
  15. — Tune in and ALIGN your business with your needs and values
  16. Let scarcity and not enoughness go for once
  17. — Go ahead and Stop being so perfect and start being more untamed
  18. — Set clear Brave Yes Intentions
  19. — Create with abandon
  20. — Run your Business through your own brand of authenticity
  21. — Invest in your next chapter, season, stage or courageous change
  22. Start taking inspired action toward being who you really want to be.