Are you feeling trapped in your business these days? As if there is too much to do that doesn’t feel good and you haven’t had time for the good stuff?

There is one thing that makes my heart hurt and that’s when a woman CEO tells me she feels bored and trapped in her business and it’s impacting her wellbeing.

If there is anything I’ve learned as a Brave Yes CEO and entrepreneur over the past almost 9 years, it’s this: Nothing in business is ever worth losing my own mental health and self care over.

We often go into being our own boss for the freedom. That was absolutely the case for me. I wanted to be home for my girls when they got home from school. I had been a latchkey kid in the early 1980s — as many of my GenX friends were — and so being home with them was important to me.

FREEDOM in entrepreneurship is vital.

Many of us learned in the 9 to 5 world that it’s not for us. we don’t want to be boxed in. We want …

  • Freedom to do as we please — including taking better care of ourselves and our families.
  • Freedom to be more fully ourselves — dress as we please, work at our best times and express ourselves our way.
  • Freedom to use our creative genius — being in business allows our strengths to shine.

And yet eventually, just like with any longtime job, we can fall into a rut and forget that freedom was the mission. We can find ourselves feeling just as trapped in our business as we did in a regular full time job.

  • We work more or longer hours
  • We lose authentic ourselves by catering to the clients and customers
  • We get trapped under the rubble of the daily work and lose sight of our gifts
  • We get caught in a survival mode cycle

Feeling Trapped in Your Business? A Framework to Keep Freedom at the Heart and Soul of Your Entrepreneur Mindset

Running a business shouldn’t feel like you are trapped.


One of my Brave Yes CEO Power Tools is setting Bolder Boundaries — to make sure you have the time to BE the CEO you want to be of your business. I’m hosting a FREE podcast series on this now. Learn about the Bolder Business Boundaries Boost here.

I help my coaching clients dig out from that feeling of being trapped in their business — or industry — by co-creating a Brave Yes Business Blueprint that gives you a clear vision of how your want to show up as a CEO who is totally aligned with your soul’s goals.

I’m all about alignment, freedom and authenticity.

It is essential that you are able to carry your most authentic self into your work — through your marketing sales and offers — and to cultivate audacious self-worth by activating your highest superpowers.

I call this your A-Factor as a Brave Yes CEO.

Here’s Powerful Framework to Keep Freedom and Authenticity at the Heart and Soul of Your Business Mindset



— Authentic Actions — I have dabbled in all kinds of marketing and branding of my businesses over the years. The only time traction happens for me is when I’m being my most empowered, authentic self.

— Activating your Superpowers — Your strengths — not your weaknesses — is what will get you ahead of the curve and help you stand out and help you feel joy. I help you unlock your superpowers so you can build on them and bolster them.

— Audacious self-worth — and enoughness — Part of your superpower system is your self-worth that gives you the inner POWER and confidence to do more of the brave work needed to be successful, to create momentum in your business, and to do the work that feels good.

— Alignment with your soul’s goals and values — A Brave Yes CEO must always feel aligned. Aligned with your soul’s goals. Your values. Your needs.

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