Let’s face it, being a biz owner is like 90 percent being scared. I know because I’ve been doing this work as a solopreneur for 10 years full-time.

Each new experience — or a FFT as Brene Brown calls them — is terrifying and then gets easier and easier and easier.

And yet being brave and visible — and taking up space in your industry — is a powerful way to grow your business.

In order to attract your most aligned clients and you need to let them see your B.R.A.V.E …

What does that mean? It means …

  • Blaze your own path
  • Rise to the Top
  • Act like the Expert
  • Visualize best possible outcome
  • Embrace a Brave YES Mindset

This is exactly what my latest podcast gets into this week …

Listen to this podcast here:

Let Them See Your B.R.A.V.E

If listening to audio is not for you — or if you just want to get straight into it — that is perfectly fine. Here’s the cliff’s notes version.

Blaze your own path

This is what I’m all about — doing your thing, being authentic, and really laying out what differentiates you what is your own leanness, and really letting that help you position your offers. When you get to a place in your business, where you are blazing your own path, people will flock to you you will be you will be doing everything that you need to be doing that makes it easy for people to work with you. But when you operate, like every other, whatever your industry is, it doesn’t set you apart, it doesn’t stand out. And so blaze your path is the first step in letting them see or you’re brave.

Rise to the Top

Rise to the top be top of mind for people all the time, not some of the time, not when you feel like it not when the mood strikes all the time.

When people think about you and that industry, or when they think about, you know what your offer is, they should think of you. Even if they don’t want to work with you, they should think of you, there’s something that needs to be something that is catching their attention, that is really calling to them or sticking in their brain. So when you can rise to the top and cultivate demand for your work. That is when you will start to really see clients flowing in money and revenue flowing in attention rolling in, and then your authority just naturally starts to grow. rising to the top, though, is a little bit of messaging. Well, a lot of messaging is a big part of messaging.

But it’s also capacity, and consistency. And they’re two shifts that need to dance together seamlessly. You must have the capacity in order to show up consistently. And the more you show up consistently, the more you’re going to rise to the top.

And so leaning in and investing in your capacity is essential having the business practices and the self care practices and the spiritual practices that you need to do to show up and take up space on a regular basis. That is what is required of us in this economy.

Act like the Expert

Yes, you might be new to business. I don’t know what how many years you’ve been doing this, but I can tell you that I was in business for eight years. Had a highly profitable business, by the way, six figures, you know, thriving community, I was living the life. And I still thought I was a beginner. I still looked for other people to tell me how to do things what to do what’s what should I do next? And it was only when I reclaimed my inner authority and my self worth and understood that nobody knows how to run my business better than me.

So this is why when I’m working with clients, we are we are focusing on what you know what you already know. And we’re pulling it out we are unearthing the gold that is within you that is within your business model that is within your expertise that is within your experiences. 

Visualize best possible outcome

Now, I have to remind myself of this one all the time, because it is so easy to get caught up in all the details and the overwhelm of running a business of you know, launching a thing, you know, working on a project.

when you know that the outcome has gonna have a great ending, you’re willing to go for it, you’re willing to do it, you’re gonna put the time and you’re gonna put the work in. So whatever that thing is that you’re struggling with right now, whatever that problem is that you’re trying to overcome. Get your journal out and just write out best possible outcome for it. And just focus on that focus on that. 

Embrace a Brave YES Mindset

So the brave guests mindset is something I created late, you know, kind of middle of last year. And I find more and more that it is the number one skill that entrepreneurs, female entrepreneurs especially need to make it in this industry in this in this market and this economy. And you know, when we when we say brave, yes, not just sometimes, but all the time. We’re going to be doing the things that we need to do to move our businesses forward. And when you can embrace a previous mindset, you’re doing things like saying yes, before you’re ready, trying new things, not being afraid of failure.