What drives you to do brave things?

For mission-driven women entrepreneurs and creatives who are often uncomfortable with selling, taking up space, and being visible, tapping into your entrepreneurial courage is essential for achieving business success.

In a world that values aggression, competition and endless consumption, embracing courage as a spiritual force in your business can feel like a radical act of self care.

This is how we embrace the Brave YES Mindset.

Rather than feel the fear and do it anyway, I truly believe in redefining your comfort zone and transforming your fear into POWER.

By recognizing and harnessing YOUR courage strength, you can transform your business, your life, and the lives of those you serve.

Entrepreneurial courage plays a crucial role in your journey as a purpose-driven entrepreneur and personal brand … which is why I am devoted to helping my clients to grow and flourish in authentic, creative risk taking.

Here’s my philosophy on this …

Courage helps you Redefine Your Comfort Zone & Transform Fear into Power: Fear is a natural part of the entrepreneurial journey. It’s what keeps us safe and comfortable and stuck in a rut of doing the same thing over and over, and it can also hold us back from realizing our full potential. Courage allows you to acknowledge your fears and move forward despite them. When you step out of your comfort zone, amazing things can happen. Embrace the unknown, take calculated risks, and watch your business soar.

Courage helps you step into your Authenticity and Vulnerability: As a mission-driven entrepreneur, your authenticity and vulnerability are your greatest assets. Courage enables you to show up as your true self, allowing others to connect with you on a deeper level. When you share your struggles, dreams, and aspirations, you create a genuine connection with your audience. People are drawn to authenticity, and by embracing your courage, you can build a loyal tribe of supporters who resonate with your mission.

Courage helps you Overcome Self-Doubt: Self-doubt is the arch-nemesis of success. It whispers in your ear, questioning your abilities and worthiness. Entrepreneurial courage empowers you to embrace your strengths while also silencing that inner critic so you can start to truly believe in yourself. Remember that you have a unique gift to share with the world, and by embracing your courage strength, you can overcome self-doubt and step into your greatness.

Courage helps you to Embrace Bold Visibility: Many mission-driven women entrepreneurs struggle with being visible in this busy, saturated world. It’s common to feel uncomfortable with self-promotion or taking up space. However, when you cultivate your entrepreneurial courage, you realize that your voice and message deserve to be heard. Step into the spotlight and share your story with confidence. By embracing visibility, you attract opportunities, collaborations, and clients who align with your purpose.

Courage helps you to Empower Others: Entrepreneurial courage not only transforms your life but also empowers others to step into their own greatness. As you embrace your unique strengths and overcome obstacles, you become an inspiration to those around you. By leading with courage, you create a ripple effect, inspiring others to pursue their dreams and make a positive impact. Remember, your success is not just about you—it’s about lifting others up and creating a better world together.

Now, you may be wondering, “How can I learn what my courage strength is?”

Well, I have just the resource for you! (Tada!) Over the past few months, I’ve been gathering all of my research and data and developing a self-awareness quiz you can take to identify your natural courage style.

Introducing Discover Your Entrepreneurial Courage Style Quiz!

Creating this quiz has been a powerful, creative adventure for me and my team these last few months. Not only have we poured a ton of effort into the quiz questions, we have also planned out very intentional results and further learning for you to do along the way.

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The quiz questions and results will help you understand your innate strengths and learn how to leverage them in your entrepreneurial journey. By gaining clarity on your most authentic courage style, you can align your actions with your core values and create a business that truly reflects who you are.

Take the quiz here.