That big dream of yours … it requires you to be what I call a courage maker.

Courage makers, though, are still just human beings, not superheroes.

Life circumstances will pop up out of nowhere.

Your life circumstances may be exactly what’s keeping you in place and feeling stagnant and there may be nothing you can do about that.

But here’s the thing.

There’s always something else at play in our lives as we are building something and dreaming up something new for ourselves and our work.

When we can, we must remove the kryptonite and shove it out of our way.

What’s Your Brave Yes Kryptonite? That’s what this week’s podcast episode is all about. Listen here.

Inside this episode:

  • I tell a personal story about teaching students how to create business plans and learn a valuable lesson.
  • The importance of knowing our obstacles, our kryptonite when it comes to our Brave Yeses.
  • Life Circumstances vs. Kryptonite
  • What to do if we can’t remove the obstacles
  • Permission to explore your kryptonite
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