For sure by now you’ve heard that old adage that you must put on your own oxygen mask first before you can help and serve others.

It’s absolutely true.

When we are burned out, frazzled, overwhelmed, overly stressed we’re not bringing our absolute best to others.

And, especially when we’re preparing to figure out or discover our next Brave Yes Leap, we need to know how to handle the hard stuff that is going to come up.

Because hard stuff always comes up.

But I’d like to take this idea of the oxygen mask a bit further.

Where is your mask? Where can you find it?

In other words, what can you do FAST that has the biggest impact on your mood, your feelings of contentment and hope?

For me, it’s in spiritual and emotional well-being. It’s the work I am most passionate about doing with women. My work is all about the interior design of your happiness.

That means I find my mask in anything that restores my sense of meaning and purpose for this one precious life I am grateful to be living — no matter how messy and chaotic and uncertain it feels. This is my happy place and what gets me to restoration the fastest.

So give yourself a moment today to really ask yourself … where exactly do I find my oxygen mask?

A lot of my private coaching clients get frustrated with themselves when their go-to oxygen mask is their phone and scrolling and scrolling to find inspiration and soothe their nervous systems but find they end up wasting a good half hour of their time that way.

When I work with clients who are ready to jump into their Brave Yes Life, I use mindfulness, positive psychology and life design coaching to help you establish a solid uplifting toolbox to help you through the messy middle of life changes and career changes.

My hope is that you will always walk away with a deep knowing not only of where to find your oxygen mask — but how to use it in times of despair and stress.

This is how we cultivate unshakeable resilience and well-being — together.