My biggest passion in life is working with creative women who want to revive their creative energy and feel more alive in their life and work.

And yet, everyone I know right now is languishing — especially my creative entrepreneur friends — in everything, especially in creativity.

I have been creative my whole life — since those days of building forts on the 50 acres of woods on my grandparent’s property and when I would spend hours recording stories on their cassette tape recorder in the spare bedroom of their house.

I was born to create.

And when I can’t be creative, I get very cranky.

I languish.

It can become a vicious cycle.

I’ve been working hard to release my own perfectionistic tendencies that hold me back from creating more wildly.

And I am still working to release Good Girl Syndrome in what I write and how I say it all.

But the one thing that I have mastered and love to work with my clients on is reclaiming and reviving creative energy and creative power.

Nothing excites me more than when a client sends me pictures between sessions of the art they’ve created or the chapters they’ve written or the products they’ve launched.

So how do we reclaim our creative energy after a slump — such as the one we’re in right now after reaching our surge capacity?

I wanted to share some of the ideas that work for me when I need to boost my own energy for creative work as well as for making more #BraveYes choices in my life.

It really all begins with this: Permission to Shake Things Up.

If we are doing everything the absolute same all the time, our creative energy will plummet.

Creativity thrives on inspiration and spiritual well-being.

When we shake things up in our lives, our creative energy shifts.

The shifts can only happen if we are open to them.

Here’s some ideas to help you revive your creative energy and create that shift within.

5 Soulful Ways to Revive Your Creative Energy and Feel More Alive


As creatives, there are times for consuming. There are times for rest. And, there are times for creating. Knowing when the just right time is for you for each of these is essential in order to reclaim your creative energy. Sometimes this cycle or pattern is related to your menstrual or moon cycle. Sometimes it is seasonal. Sometimes it’s very much related to your life schedule and family dynamics. Collecting the data on how your creative energy patterns work is a great exercise in knowing yourself. MAKE THE SHIFT: Start a log tracking your energy patterns around consuming, creating and rest.


All day long we make choices. Those choices will directly affect our creative energy. Some choices will energize us. Others will deplete us. Focusing on what energizes you and brings you alive is almost always going to boost your creative energy and your creative output. Nothing zaps my creativity more than doing things that zaps my energy. For years, I have had my clients create an energy boost list — a list of actions you can take to feel more energized and vibrant. MAKE THE SHIFT: Use your body to tell you what feels energizing and what feels depleting. Listen. Listen. LIsten. The body knows.


I love, love, love to help my clients create blissful rituals that will enliven their creativity and energy. I have no shortage of ideas. Your energy and your creativity love rituals because they remind the brain that something is important to you. When we create a ritual, we are signaling to the brain that something is coming … and there are many ways to transition into creative energy from stagnation. Often, when we feel blocked creatively, it’s that we’re drifting too far away from our rituals. MAKE THE SHIFT: Create a blissful ritual for easing you into your creative work for the day.


Boundaries, baby. Boundaries. In order to reclaim your creative energy you are going to have to have fierce boundaries around who enters your energy field and when so that those blissful rituals you are implementing do not go adrift. I work best when I have a lot of solitude and space to spark my creative energy. I can’t do that if people are coming in and out of my life without warning or boundaries. But this also has to do with dealing with negative energy as well. If you have too many negative influence around you, you may need to learn to shield your positive energy better. MAKE THE SHIFT: Set a fierce boundary today that will protect your energy like it’s an innocent child.


Being a creative person can sometimes mean we have a lot of ideas and not enough time — or energy — to work on them. Sometimes, though, it’s that we don’t know our YES projects. Our Yes projects are what drives our creative energy. When we are working on a Yes project, the energy follows. My Brave Yes Discovery Deep Dive is designed to help you brainstorm and choose your next YES project. When we have a clear direction that feels like a soul calling, creative energy just flows to us. MAKE THE SHIFT: Take some time today to daydream about your next Yes Project!

What’s your next Brave Yes creative project?