One of the biggest visibility blockers we encounter and have to wrestle with is the algorithms themselves.

How do I know this? I absolutely know this because I had a beautiful business years ago that easily got traffic and was able to spread the word. I had lots of shares, likes, comments and engagement. People were going to my website, opting into lead magnets and freebies that I had available and signing up for programs, signing up for webinars.

All of that stopped when the algorithms changed to reflect the pay to play model when the social media platforms decided that they wanted ads for visibility.

We know they are trying to make money — which is fine — and in order to do Because of all of this, it takes courage to show up on social media and in the algorithms on the social on the regular because you are traveling through what I call the Dark Valley of Irrelevance, which is just the algorithms making it very hard for you to be seen.

You may have the best message in the world but unless it sets fire to something it’s not gonna really get seen. Even if you have a large platform it’s going to be challenging for everyone of those people who follow you to see your work.

But here’s the thing — it doesn’t matter. Not everybody’s going to see it but it doesn’t matter. If nobody’s clicking, liking or commenting that doesn’t mean that the right person isn’t paying attention or it doesn’t mean that people don’t like your work.

It does not mean your work is not relevant, important or that it doesn’t matter or that you don’t matter.

It’s just the algorithm and traveling through the dark valley of irrelevance which I have another podcast about and I encourage you to listen to.

So, what do we do?

That’s what this podcast is all about!

Listen to the entire episode here:

The pesky algorithms make it hard to be seen and so that makes you think it’s not worth it. I get that.

The solution is that you need to decide that you are going to be seen and heard no matter what — you’re not gonna give up, you’re going to keep going.

And, with that, you need to have courage to keep showing up.

And, to keep showing up like that requires … consistency, which means you need to have capacity and the clarity of what to say and do on the daily.

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