Your strengths are your superpowers.

Your strengths are what will carry you through these hard times.

Your strengths are what have already carried you through.

So why do you focus so much on your weaknesses?

In today’s episode, I’m sharing a bit more of the first lesson in the Rise Stronger Challenge that many of you have gone through already this year.

Today, I’m focusing on the power of getting to know yourself — and the secret of being YOU.

You contain multitudes.

Inside of you are traces of generations and lifetimes of past generations.

And, until now, you’ve been picking up and learning from everyone you’ve met, everyone who’s influenced you, everyone who’s been a part of your life.

But in order to truly, truly start the Brave Yes Journey of Being Yourself and Living More Courageously … you have to tap into your strengths and what makes you YOU.

Once you discover your core strengths — the parts of you that you can love and accept and embrace — you will use them for everything. Your creativity. Your challenges. Your relationships. Your career choices and decisions. Everything.

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