Upleveling is Messy.

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What does “upleveling” even mean?

It means to doing the hard work to get YOU or YOUR BUSINESS to the next level.

It means you have hit your upper limit — or your business has.

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Hitting Your Upper Limit

I recently told my story during a keynote presentation about hitting my own upper limit.

I was 44 and, as a high achiever, I didn’t like that I hit the end of my checklist very much.

There had to be something more for me, right?

In other words, I was feeling burned out and washed up. Not a great feeling but pretty typical as we enter midlife.

What was left for me? What was next?

And then one day, as these negative thoughts began to consume me, I was walking across my bedroom — on a mission to keep moving through life pretending like I wasn’t having an existential crisis — and I tripped on the pant leg of my baggy pajama bottoms and I fell — hard. It hurt. I started to sob.

That was my rock bottom — my breakdown — the moment I realized something needed to change.

The truth was, I had hit my upper limit — in other words I felt like I wasn’t deserving or capable of anything more. And that limit had me trapped inside my comfort zone where I was safe but burned out, and comfortable but not inspired — and despite knowing I wanted to do something else, I was terrified to make a change.

The thing was, I knew what I needed to change BUT it was going to rock a few boats — mine included.

All of this is what unfolds if you are in an upper limit — you can’t see any other way forward or up.

Your Business Has An Upper Limit

You haven’t changed anything but things aren’t working like they used to.

Sales are slowing or plateauing and you are in hustle and grind.

This is a business upper limit issue — you can’t see anything improving with the current situation or mindset.

An uplevel is necessary.

What does an upleveling for YOU look like ..

  • an identity upgrade
  • a total pivot
  • a refinement or rebrand. — refresh
  • a glow up on the inside
  • a brave yes

What does an upeleveling look like for your business?

  • visibility upleveled
  • offers upleveled
  • pricing upleveled
  • restructuring or rebranding
  • pivot entirely

What you need to get started …

When you decide it’s time to uplevel … you need to do two things first.

You first need to boost your capacity so you can do the hard, messy work. Your capacity is everything. 

Once you’ve done that, there are two steps to do before you even take on an upleveling …

You must first set your Brave Life or Business Vision. This is the clarity and the roadmap you need to move forward and start taking action. Sometimes action creates the clarity — but I find it’s best to really spend time on the vision before you waste a lot of time.

AND, you need to cultivate Unshakeable Resilience.

Resilience is key to handle the fall out that will ultimately happen in one way or another as you take yourself or your business to the next level. You will have to ultimately let someone or something go in the process. You will lose people. You will fail and that’s OK. 

To cultivate Unshakeable Resilience, you need to focus on what I call the STRONG Method™.

Lean into your STRENGTHS.

THRIVE in Positivity

REACH out and UP — and get quality support. There are three types of support: private, 1:1 support with a trusted mentor or coach — someone who is going to hold space for you and your dreams and goals, group support because group energy moves you into new levels without as much effort, and support to do your boldest, best work because you can’t do it all and you shouldn’t try.

OPEN your mind — and start to explore new pathways and possibilities. Hello, Brave YES Mindset! 

NURTURE yourself in mind, body and spirit.

GROW forward with meaningful, bold goals that move you toward your next level. Small goals will get you small results.

How do you know if you are ready for your next level?