A Brave Yes CEO Mindset is a part of what it means to be #businessbrave … but the thing is that a Brave Yes, when it’s not trivialized, is often a rare occurrence. 

When you look back on your life you may remember handful, maybe two handfuls of Brave Yeses that you can’t really draw back on as memorable events in your life.

But being a wholehearted entrepreneur requires everyday bravery.

I can’t think of a day that has passed in the past 10 years of being an entrepreneur when fear didn’t show up and knock on my door.

This is precisely why my work has always been super spiritual. 

In order to put our ideas out into the world — to put our services, our work, our words out into the world and ask for money in return — we must be business brave. 

What is required of us is far more than just showing up.

We must have a fire inside of us to be brave — there has to be something bigger pulling us along.

Or else we’ll just retreat back into our nice quiet cave and hide a bit more.

Being Business Brave requires us to dig deeper into a more every day type of courage that rarely makes it to your social media feed.

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Everyday Fear in Business

How often do you write a post that says … I was terrified to fire a team member today, or I changed my outfit three times before I went live on Instagram or I sat crying over my lunch in fear that I won’t be able to pay the bills next month?

How often do you admit to fearing the other shoe is going to drop, that this visionary work you’ve built is all going to fall apart?

This is why we must be business brave. And this is what I am on fire to do in my Brave Business Coaching program — where I work with my clients on feeling whole, aligned and alive in your business so you can upgrade your confidence, your cash and your commitments to doing good in the world. 

Those three things are not mutually exclusive. They are interconnected.

The more we know our own self-worth, the more confident we become … the more cash we bring in and the more good we can do in the world. 

To do any of that, you must become business brave. 

To be a brave business leader you really need to put yourself out there you have to believe in something so strong that it drives your every action.

This is why I believe so strongly that business is spiritual, especially for those of us those of us who are a wholehearted entrepreneurs.

Being business brave requires that we have something passionate that we care about. t is about having a soul lead vision. I’ve talked about the importance of listening to your soul goals.

If you have a vision of how your business can change lives — whether that be your teams lives or your customer and clients lives or your families lives or your communities lives — whatever whoever is impacted by your business — you have to have an internal drive that is about making life better for people, for all beings.

This soul led vision I am speaking of is rooted in our own personal meaning, it’s rooted in sharing our values with the world, it’s rooted in a higher purpose.

You may be thinking all we do is paint houses but underneath that you have a desire to make things more beautiful, to make people happier in their homes, which is a spiritual practice.

So many of us lead businesses that are about appreciating beauty, appreciating excellence and this kind of soul lead mission is necessary in order to really catapult your business to the next level.

So if you’re just humming along, maybe things are fine, maybe they’re not and you’re thinking there’s something more for you — then it is possible you need to connect with your soul-led mission.

One of my favorite quotes that I share often is by D. Antoinnette Foy who wrote this:  “I used to extinguish under the weight of living but one day I reached into my chest, dusted off my courage and asked myself, “Where is your fire?”

This is what it takes to build brave businesses.

This is what it takes for us to be brave business leaders.

We have to have to connect with that inner fire from time to time and connect it without work and our values.

This is a business practice and a spiritual practice.

It’s a business practice, which is a process we must hone and tweak and do often — so that we are reconnecting with our purpose and our why.

And this is a spiritual practice, at least that’s how I see it.

I know that when I’m working out with a really super aligned client we always start with a dying out flame.

The flame is on its last leg.

Then, we discover something that sparks the flame and it grow and grows exponentially.

 I have witnessed this time and time again. 

And it gives me goosebumps every time but it’s like this idea the flame was always there and but it just needed the right conditions to catch fire and become hot enough to light you up. 

But it Begins in that in that inner place, your inner world and the dying flame is the knowing …

The knowing there’s something more for you , that you have a higher calling and you want to Put It out there.

This kind of calling and work is not for every single business owner, but it is for you if you are a wholehearted entrepreneur if you are trying to work toward the greater good … 

Then you have a flame within.

If you are trying to Share Your visionary Message, Your Dream, Your Vision to help all beings thrive and flourish … 

Then you have a flame within.

Without Something to Believe and you are likely Just Showing up and dialing It in 

Without Something to Believe in you’re Just Showing up and doing Whatever It Takes to Get through the day 

That’s when you know it’s time to Tap into That Source of Fire Within You,

And when you figure it out, that’s when You Get Swept up … You Get Swept up in a Waves of fire in your belly to doing braver work. 

No more hiding. 

You have a mission. A purpose. 

  • A movement to spark.
  • A system to change.
  • A life to transform.
  • A change to make
  • An idea to spread. 

So Let Me Leave You with This Question:

What is Your Brave Yes Mission? 

In order to Be Business Brave, We have to Show up and do the hard things of creating Change, sparking Change, Pushing for Transformation, healing the world in all the Ways that We Can Empower others to Thrive.

Your business is Not about You — this is Not about Your bank account.

This is About Contributing to the greater good.

Having A business that is Truly About Making the world A Better place — one person at a time, one family at a time, one block at a time.

Your Brave Yes mission is somewhere deep inside and it will take spiritual practice, spiritual resources, spiritual rituals, to get to It, to refine it, to tweak It, to bring It back alive but It is in there and I encourage you to go deep to find It.

I  encourage you to go deep to find THAT flame within you and connect to it, blow on it and make it come back alive. 

I encourage you to Reconnect with yourself and your soul’s goals to bring It Alive so you can Do What It Takes to Let Your soul-led vision and purpose surface … 




Need help finding your Brave Yes Mission? Let’s connect and chat about it. I offer a free coaching discovery session where we can begin to explore this very thing — or any other struggle you are having in growing your business. Learn more here.