I think out of everything I talk to my clients about in private coaching, taking everyday courageous leaps is where my heart lights up the most.

As a Brave Yes Coach for creative CEOs and Entrepreneurs, my clients are all on a mission to play bigger, expand and reach their next level of growth or professional development. They also recognize they need a little push themselves out of their comfort zones this year and so I see my role as a gentle. persistent nudger.

But let’s be honest: None of us are ready to jump out of an airplane without some everyday leaps that lead us to that moment.

In order to be bolder, braver and more courageous as business owners and leaders of our changemaking movements, we need to practice little steps to get us where we want to be.

Last year, I began a list of 100 Brave Yeses anyone could take.

That soon became 200.

And now I”m working toward 365.

There’s are so many ways we can be more courageous in our creative work — and in our lives.

And since your business is a part of both — you can practice everyday courage in life and creativity and it all counts.

One of my favorite homework assignments to give my clients is journaling on a sticky issue. So I encourage you to create your own list of 22 leaps YOU can make this year in your business.

So without dragging this out, let’s just get into it.

This is a part of my 22 in 22 Project, where I am sharing a Brave Yes List of various topics that feel good to me — because I happen to love list making and February is my birthday month and this is my blog and I can do what I want. You can read through all of the lists here. I have no idea how many of these lists I’ll create … so stick around and just see what’s up.

22 Everyday Leaps to Take In Your Business in 2022

  1. Promise yourself to make everyday leaps a practice (I help you get started here!)
  2. Let yourself shine bright and be more visible
  3. Speak up for your needs — and let people know about it.
  4. Identify the ways you self-sabotage yourself and your dreams
  5. Reclaim your courage
  6. Call yourself a writer/painter/poet/artist/leader/
  7. Release something or someone you’ve outgrown
  8. Try something very different from your usual way of doing things
  9. Trust and take a creative risk — like a 22 in 22 project.
  10. Wear the sexiest outfit you feel comfortable in — on camera.
  11. Embrace and celebrate your “otherness” (what makes you different)
  12. Choose not to respond
  13. Let go of a should
  14. Be all in on ONE mission.
  15. Do something that makes you light up.
  16. Write your business a love letter.
  17. Reach out to make a friend not a sale
  18. Stop apologizing and being the good girl
  19. Throw a celebration for yourself!
  20. Lead like an untamed, free spirit CEO
  21. Undecorate Yourself — Go natural
  22. Stop doing something you always do.

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