This is what we do after years of climate emergencies, political and racial unrest, a pandemic and internet outrage incidents.

We scroll and scroll until we find the next thing that adds more doom to what is already a pretty doom-filled world right now.


We search and search to find something to bring ease and peace.

Either way, it’s really not good for you if you want to make a bigger impact in your life or if you want to take better care of yourself and be more fit in mind, body and spirit.

One of the first suggestions I offer to my coaching clients is to set strong boundaries around phone use and social media.

The reason is, of course, because the main reason a woman comes to me for coaching is because she wants to focus and set priorities that improve her life — and follow through and get them done.

And it’s really hard to do that when you are getting distracted by all the shiny objects on social media.

And oh are they shiny and plentiful.

True well-being though begins with you tending to you and your needs.

All of that is really hard to do when you spend most of your time being influenced by the outside world rather than tuning into your own inner wisdom and guidance.

Plus, over-consuming new information and ideas seriously leads to overwhelm and anxiety. So if you lean toward the anxious state of life, consider what you are bringing into your mind on an hourly basis.

In my own life, and what I encourage for my clients and in all of my programs, I believe strongly that taking action and doing things that are going to move the needle in our lives is essential to easing our collective and individual anxiety, anger and anticipation.

Doomscrolling only adds fuel the inner turmoil you have going on inside of you.

So, here is a 50 Things You Can Do Instead of Doomscrolling so you can stay on task — or reduce overwhelm in your life.

  1. Stop everything and set an intention for yourself, your family or your day.
  2. Take 10 minutes to review your planner and/or to-do list.
  3. Take 10 minutes to do ONE thing on your self-care bucket list.
  4. Learn to meditate.
  5. Sit down and read a chapter of a book.
  6. Learn to manage your energy better.
  7. Create a meal plan for the next week.
  8. Develop your 5-year Life Vision.
  9. Start a New Habit.
  10. Write a poem.
  11. Read a poem.
  12. Reach out to a friend or relative by phone or letter.
  13. Clear a surface
  14. Take a short walk.
  15. Dance
  16. Pick up an old book and read a page.
  17. Go outside.
  18. Collect 5 things to donate
  19. Start a Joy Practice.
  20. Plan a gathering
  21. Learn something
  22. Start a gratitude journal.
  23. Journal for greater well-being
  24. Plan a warm-weather outing for later this year.
  25. Write a thank you note.
  26. Do a financial check-in
  27. Start a family gratitude practice
  28. Plan your week
  29.  Learn how to manage your emotions.
  30.  Light a candle.
  31. Peel and eat an orange mindfully.
  32. Eat a piece of chocolate very slowly.
  33.  Hand-letter a quote you love
  34. Wash your face (and hands) mindfully and slowly.
  35. Do 15 jumping jacks or crunches.
  36.  Climb the stairs a few times
  37.  Cry — if you need to. It’s OK.
  38.  Savor Your Surroundings
  39.  Paint
  40.  Make a gift for someone
  41. Sit and do nothing.
  42. Tune into your rage
  43. Plan the next birthday in your family
  44. Make an Impact on the World
  45. Clean your sink
  46. Develop a new ritual or routine
  47. Doodle your day
  48. Do a mind dump on paper
  49. Drink a full glass of water
  50.  Wrap in a blanket and daydream

Not even sure how to make these happen? Maybe you need some life coaching to help you build a well-being plan for yourself. Learn more here.